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Newton Terra Momentus Trail Running Shoe Review

Posted Nov 22 2010 12:00am

One administrative note before today's review: Jason over at Strength Running has been kind enough to host a giveaway contest for one of my Running Life books. Head over to this post to enter the contest. Thanks very much to Jason, and good luck to everyone who enters!

“If I have done the public any service, it is due to my patient thought.”
- Sir Isaac Newton, 1643-1727

There was brief deliberation in my house regarding which opening quote to use for this review; I liked the one that ultimately prevailed, but I must confess that I was very tempted to use my 7-year-old daughter’s first remark after I opened Newton’s Terra Momentus trail runners: Hey – they’re Elphaba shoes!

Newton Terra Momentus

Yes, they’re green … very green, in fact. However, coming from Newton, the company who uses neon yellows and fire engine reds like other brands use grays and creams, that shouldn’t really surprise anyone. And I’ve learned to not be such a stickler when it comes to the way a shoe looks – after all, I’m the same guy who runs in gorilla feet or elf shoes most of the time, so wearing gear that makes me look like a cast member from Wicked isn’t that big of a deal.

Which brings us back to the intro quote: Isaac Newton used it to distill how the foundation of scientific innovation is the long periods of observation and consideration that must be done beforehand in order to accurately understand a situation or environment. In the case of Newton shoes , it reflects how surprisingly patient the company was in introducing a pure trail-running model – especially when you consider that one of the founders is a hardcore ultrarunner. They clearly took their time getting into this market; presumably, the resulting product would be revolutionary.

The delay in marketing Newtons to trail runners seemed especially strange to me, since I’ve already been using their shoes on the trails for well over a year now. Their outstanding Sir Isaac wasn’t designed as a dedicated trail runner, but I’ve worn them in all manner of off-road conditions, and they’ve performed wonderfully while proving to be very durable. (I also reviewed them for FeedTheHabit if you want to check it out .) So I was interested to test the Terra Momentus, not because I had trail withdrawal with Newtons, but mainly out of curiosity to see what distinguished this model from the one that I’ve already been very satisfied with. On that note, I feel like I should throw in a disclaimer: if I sound a bit lukewarm about the Terra Momentus, it’s only because the bar was set so high by the Sir Isaac.

Truthfully, it’s been difficult for me to find a major distinction between the Terra Momentus and the Sir Isaac from a performance standpoint. They’re slightly heavier (11.2 oz compared to 10.9), slightly stiffer (due to a new metatarsal plate), and as mentioned previously, a whole lot greener. Other than that, even if you look closely it might be tough to spot any differences.

Closed mesh, debris-resistant upper with toebox reinforcement

The most obvious changes are to the upper, which has a more tightly-closed mesh to keep out debris, a 360-degree protective synthetic overlay, and a reinforced toe cap for added protection from stubbing your toes on rocks or roots. These features work quite well, and the upper remains fairly breathable despite the closed mesh, but I never really felt any debris or impact limitations with the Sir Isaac, either.

Other specs of the Terra Momentus upper include a more stable, stretch-resistant webbing to improve foot stability, and features such as slip-proof laces and a gusseted tongue that stays nicely in place - but again, these aren’t hugely noticeable improvements from the Sir Isaac. In fact, I found the fit of the Terra Momentus upper to be somewhat tighter through the toebox, with a slightly constricting feel by comparison.

Midsole actuator lugs

The midsole of the Terra Momentus is generally identical to the Sir Isaac, and this is where most of Newton’s remarkable technology features are packed. I’ll assume that you’re familiar with the tech aspects – and if you’re not, check out my original Gravity review – and they’re all here on the Terra Momentus: high-rebound EVA, midfoot and rearfoot support chassis, and half-inch actuator lugs that extend beyond the outsole and create the action/reaction biomechanics that Newton users have come to love.

My trail-running experience with the Sir Isaac has been that the actuator lugs are highly effective at reproducing barefoot biomechanics on fire-roads or well-groomed trails, but their protrusion can be a potential liability on highly technical trails. The Terra Momentus has a similar feel, although I’d say there’s a bit less flexibility, likely due to a protective metatarsal plate that was added to the midsole. As a result, the actuators sometimes have a tough time conforming to irregularities in the trail, which can be tricky if you’re not paying attention to foot placement.

Midsole heights for the Terra Momentus are quite similar to the Sir Isaac, with a 26mm heel and 5mm drop to the forefoot. Perhaps it’s my minimalist bias at play here, but I was hopeful that Newton could somehow figure out a way to make the entire midsole and actuator lugs ride closer to the ground for improved ground feel and stability with its dedicated trail shoe. I know that’s asking a lot, but I feel like I give up a bit of agility when switching to the Terra Momentus from my VivoBarefoot Evos or similar flat, flexible shoes.

High-durability runner outsole with traction grip

The underside of the Terra Momentus is – are you sensing a theme here? – very similar to the Sir Isaac as well. It features a super durable, high traction rubber that grips the trail very nicely in all conditions. The overall durability issue may be the primary improvement in this model over the Sir Isaac, because from top to bottom, the Terra Momentus seems like a shoe that can take a beating for hundreds of miles and still keep you running comfortably.

I suppose that’s probably my best recommendation for who should buy these shoes. If you’re a Newton user who enjoys the Gravity or Sir Isaac, and are looking for a highly durable version to beat up on the trails, the Terra Momentus is your shoe. If you’re just starting with Newtons, or looking for a good transitional shoe from traditional trail runners to minimalist footwear, you’ll do just as well with the Sir Isaac.

(Of course, it's entirely possible that I'm missing something major here. If there are Newton users out there who note more significant differences between the Terra Momentus and Sir Isaac, please drop me a comment below.)

Newton’s Terra Momentus retails for $139 from the company website as well as other online vendors.

*Product provided by Newton Running
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