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Newbie No More?

Posted Sep 17 1970 12:00am
When is a newbie no longer a newbie?

Recently, 5 Miles 2 Empty had some thoughts on newbies to share with me (a 'newbie tangent' she called it..LOL), "You are hardly a newbie anymore," she said, and continued ..... "I know I'm not a newbie anymore because I don't get nervous before a race (unless it's a new distance) and I don't have to hit the porta-potty 17 gazillion times before the race begins." She used more colorful language, in true Amanda style :), but you get the idea. Well, this got me to thinking...

When does a newbie really give up that identity,
and put on her big girl pants?

Even though I began running last November, I found myself slacking after the first three 5Ks (Jan - Feb), and a new injury. By late February, life happened, and I took the next five months off; my kicks didn't see any action until July (just two months ago), and I didn't begin 'training' until August (as some of you may remember from that post), so in spite of a few road races under my belt, I've still been feeling like a newbie runner.

So the question remains: Does 'newbiedom' expire with the # of races completed, the lengh of those races, an attitude adjustment, or just time passing??? Or, could it be all of these?? And does one "reacquire" (is this even a word?) newbiedom (for sure my own word!) when a longer distance race is the goal? Hmmm.....

Personally, as a lifelong learner (of all sorts of things), I agree with Amanda, and think that experiencing a new (longer) race does make us a newbie for that event, and then once we've tackled it, we get to adjust our identity again (I'm looking forward to being a 10K finisher!). :) In this way, we continue to learn and grow as runners, always having new goals, new nervousness, and new fun!

What do you think?

  • When is a newbie no longer a newbie?
  • When did you shed your newbie identity?
  • If you haven't shed your newbie identity yet, what *event* will help you do so?
  • If you have shed it, does anything ever make you feel like a newbie again?

I am thankful today for so many more than just three things.....
Have a wonderful day, friends!
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