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New York Marathon Will Go On

Posted Nov 02 2012 1:51pm

***Updated:  5:27 pm 11/2/12 – The New York Marathon has been cancelled ! *****

It looks like they’ve made the decision to go ahead with the New York Marathon this weekend. The race was in doubt since there is still a lot of damage caused by hurricane Sandy earlier this week. I just looked through a bunch of pictures of the aftermath and it looks pretty bad. Millions of people are still without power.

But the New York Marathon is the largest marathon in the world, attracting over 47,000 participants. It reportedly generates over $350 million in revenue . I can certainly understand not wanting to miss out on that. In addition there are the 47,000 people who have trained for months and these were the ones lucky enough to win an entry spot.

If I were scheduled to run (I’m not) I think I would prefer they postpone it. One of the big attractions of the New York Marathon is the energy of the crowd that cheers you along the whole race. I doubt there will be much cheering today. Postponing for a couple weeks would not be that big of an issue from the runner’s standpoint. From a city planning standpoint that might be different.

But I can understand why the race organizers and city officials want to hold the race. It will be a step back to normalcy which the city probably needs. Cleanup will go on for many months. If they can hold the race, more power to them.

Now, I wonder what the participation level will be. There are a number of runners I’ve seen comment on running discussion groups indicating that they are not going to do the race. And there is a lot of vitriol from the public in general. Maybe the Chicago marathon will have the most marathon runners this year.

Well, in any event, Jack Hirschowitz was scheduled to joggle it this year. I wonder if he will.

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