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New toys…er, gear!

Posted Feb 07 2013 11:29am

In less than two weeks we will be headed on our first legit backpacking trip…which just so happens to be in the middle of the winter. Sure, we’ve hiked day trips before but nothing over night. Might as well jump right in! We will be hiking up to on of the 10th Mountain Division Huts with a bunch of other crazies. We’re a little excited! We also realized we are a little unprepared in the gear department!

Anyone who says camping/hiking/backpacking is cheap is a liar! Sure, once you have all the gear camping is cheap. However, getting all the gear is not cheap! Holy crap. So we are borrowing, interwebz deal shopping and craigslisting our hearts out!

Columbia Snow Boots Atlas Snowshoes
…boots from The Clymb , snowshoes from Craiglist…

So far the only gear we’ve added to our list is winter boots and snowshoes. We’ll be borrowing packs, sleeping bags and a few other necessities, but at least we can say we own the two items that are very size specific! Don’t tell Chris, but I think our future holds quite a bit of backpacking, camping and trekking around the woods…so we’ll definitely be scoping out deals and adding more gear to our shrinking storage closet!

We had to try out our newly acquired gear so earlier this week we packed up our snowshoes and layered on our snowboarding gear to go snowshoeing at the Henderson Mines with Heather and Tally ! It all went surprisingly well! I didn’t fall on my face or penguin slide… which is saying a lot!

Snowshoeing in Colorado Snowshoeing in Colorado
…I don’t follow through with my pink hate very well, oops…

Turns out the lacking snowfall affects a lot more than just snowboarding! We had to drive up into the mountains to find snow and even then the trail we were on was very packed down. Snowshoes weren’t exactly required…which was good considering Heather left hers at home. Silly lady!

With the trail being so hard packed I kind of wished I had some sort of YakTrax like traction for a pair of trail shoes. I don’t know what it is – I haven’t been running many miles and when I have the opportunity to run I fill most of that time with something else, still, every time I’m outside and not running I’m thinking about running.

Snowshoeing in Colorado
Snowshoeing in Colorado
…Chris off-roading, me taking the easy route…

We did a bit of off-roading into whatever powder we could find. Let’s just say I’m kind of glad the trail was packed – actually hiking through knee deep snow is a lot of work! That hike up a mountain to get to the hut just might kill us! Or make 14ers look easy…

We’ll probably get one more chance to get up into the mountains and tromp around in our snowshoes before its go time. I don’t know if it will make me any better at actually snowshoeing up a mountain but you better believe I’ll be packing my backpack as light as humanly possible!

**Did you notice the pretty new button on the blog?! The one that says “I’m Attending BLEND Retreat”? Guess what? I’m going to BLEND Retreat in May ! Last year the retreat was in Boulder so I had no excuse not to go. This year it is in Park City, UT…which turns out to be a great excuse to road trip across the state border with blogger friends to hang out with blogger friends!

There are still tickets available – its a small, personable event so only 125 tickets are sold – so you should check it out . Prices go up today, so take a peek!**

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