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New Tights and New Gadgets

Posted Sep 17 2011 3:35pm
Distance: 5.16K
Time: 32m 02s

Now I love running, I get excited the night before a planned run, I look forward to my runs. However nothing will get me more motivated to get out the door and start pounding the pavement like new gear!

The weather is just starting to turn here, the mornings are darker and it's getting a lot cooler. I decided that I needed to invest in some decent running tights and some reflective tops etc. Off down the local Sportsdirect I headed.

The place is built with people like me in mind. I go down there needing to buy 3 items, however because everything is on sale I justify spending £50 when I originally planned to only spend £20. "Oh well it's on Sale!". Yes I am the ultimate sucker consumer, but nevermind it means I got new shiny stuff!

Got myself some running tights. Now these are a first for me, I'm normally a shorts or capri trackies kind of girl, but I figured as I want to start taking running a bit more seriously it was time to start investing in the gear. I'm a fairly leggy lady at 6ft and didn't think they would be long enough but I was pleasantly surprised and quite impressed. They really felt like I was wearing nothing! As close to naked running as I think I can comfortably get!

The other new bit of kit I had today was the RunKeeper app for iPhone. I'd been recommended it by a fellow runner so thought I would give it a bash.

So looking hot in my new sexy tights and clutching on to my iPhone, I headed out the door. I had preplanned a 5K route round the industrial estate where we live. I started out feeling good, apart from having to wrestle with my stupid headphones for 2 mins (damn my un-naturally weird small shaped ears!) and headed into the estate. The weather was pretty warm but I kept my pace steady. I'm much more focused on actually keeping running for the whole distance rather than the speed I do it. The RunKeeper app worked well, every 5 mins updating me with the time, distance and my average pace.

I carried on through the industrial estate, every now and again getting an encouraging "Run Forest!" from some of the Saturday workers (bless them!). Part of the loop took me up the dual carriageway, even though there is a path, it always scares me a bit, having visions of speeding vehicles crashing towards me (everyone knows you get 100 points for a jogger).

By 3km I had a really nasty stitch. I was trying really hard to concentrate on my breathing and get oxygen into my muscles, the theory behind this is great, but in practice when you are trudging up a hill, in the full sun, sweating your cogs off it's much harder to do! I powered through though, like a warrior (half dead one on his return from battle). I completed the 5K and was really proud. That is the furthest I have run on my own, not on a treadmill. I didn't have to stop once, and even though I was sweaty and out of breath, I wasn't dying on the floor like I was this time last year when I went for a 1K run with my boyfriend.

I was pretty satisfied with the RunKeeper app. It got my route fairly accurately and the bits it got slightly wrong were easily edited once I had uploaded it to the website. The tights were awesome and anyone thinking of taking the plunge into tightdom, just go for it, you might think you look a little bit of a plank but your body will love you forever. My time today has given me confidence that I can comfortable complete the Great South Run 5k which I have entered. The race is on 29 October and I put down that I could complete in between 35-40 mins.

So there's my first blog entry. Hopefully not the last. Tomorrow's run will see the dog accompanying me. Will let you know how things go!
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