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New Shoes + Training Schedule

Posted Feb 03 2012 7:50am

Happy Friday! It’s been a long week, partly because my now 2-year-old is starting to throw some impressive tantrums.  By Friday, I am worn out! Thank goodness for a daddy who takes Saturday morning shift, (and evenings from 5pm on… I don’t take this for granted!)

I like linking up with Jill on Fridays, check out the link below for other Fitness Friday posts:

First of all, thanks for the feedback on shoes!  After testing out several options at the local running store and discussing a transition to a more minimalist shoe, I settled on the Brooks Cadence…

I really liked the PureFlows, but the toe was too wide and these were a better overall fit.  Unfortunately, my first easy 3 mile run in them left my Achilles aching again, and a hard run two days later in my old shoes felt fine.  Sooo, I think I need to back off the minimalist shoe search for now, and settle for something similar to what my legs are used to.

As for the training schedule, I’m working my way through Run Less, Run Faster, and am going to give their plan a try. Their 3+2 plan is based on the idea that you can train well for a marathon on three quality running days and two relatively hard cross-training days.  The cross training days allow you to switch up the muscle groups and still train well.

This plan appeals to me for several reasons…

  1. It’s very similar to how I’ve been training this fall (after easing back into running post injury), and I like the idea of keeping my spin classes.
  2. What I did not have in my fall schedule was the specific speed work, and I like the specific target paces provided, based on your current fitness level (both this plan and McMillian’s calculator estimated a 3:30-3:35 marathon).
  3. I’ve never been a high mileage runner (peaked in the 40′s for my first marathon), so I love the premise that you can improve without doubling weekly mileage.

The one unresolved question is what exactly I am training for…   I’m still considering a full marathon in April (Dallas), so my tentative plan is to begin the training for it, and if my body says it’s too much too soon, I’ll back off and settle for some of the shorter distances.  I don’t have time to do the full 16 week plan, so I’m jumping in half way and tweaking it as needed.

Here’s the basic template:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
RL, RF’s plan Cross train Speed work, 6-8 total miles Cross train Tempo Run, 5-11 total miles Off Long run, 15-20 miles, at MP+30-45 Off or cross train
My plan Spin + weights Same Spin + weights Same Off Long run, 12-20 miles 3 family run

I know I need to add intervals and tempo paces gradually, but I also feel ready to incorporate more speed work into my schedule.  I did both the interval and tempo run this week, and so far, so good!

Finally, I’ve been tagged a few times for the 11 Things & Questions post, so I’ll try to put that together soon…  and the next Purposeful Running post will be up on Sunday!

Has anyone else tried the Run Less, Run Faster plan?

Any tips for handling toddler tantrums in public?!  Once they’ve passed, she’s as sweet as can be…  but, wow.

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