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New Running Gear: Check!

Posted Apr 23 2010 12:00am
So not that I deserve it or anything, but I did want to get some new sneakers to start training in. I was told to go to Marathon Sports because they take the time to look at your gait, walking and running and offer the best advice. I had been running in Nikes but everyone always brags about their Asics, Brooks, Saucony etc. I just told them that Id lost a few toe nails (Sorry TMI) and was looking for a good supportive shoe to last me through the bulk of my training. I will probably have to get a new pair before the race anyhow. After a few, we all decided on Asics Fortitude 3  and I got a bag of sport beans to boot. I had a 15% off coupon so I got $14 off SCORE! I will definitely be trying them out this weekend. At this point it was almost 8pm, so I needed dinner. I went into the Prudential. B A D  I D E A ...why you ask? Because the Lululemon Athletica store is the first store you hit after Gucci haha. I thought Id take a browse. Love them to death but its so expensive. I ended up finding a tank, that the sales accosciate Kate, told me all the great benefits...and I quote"You can run 10 miles throw it in a corner for a week, and it wont smell" Um EW who does that. Anyway it was super cute, best part is you can "cinch" the waist for a better fit. It is the "I just want to run tech tank"  I got it in Passion. I also got a pair of the ultra running socks (not on website). Again I got 15% off because I am running a race. So at least I got discounts on all my new stuff.

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