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New Bedford Half Marathon Training Plan

Posted Dec 31 2011 6:34pm

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Goodbye, 2011. Hello, 2012. Out with the old. In with the new.

Tomorrow is a brand new day and a brand spankin’ new year. Tomorrow is also the very first official day of my training for the New Bedford Half . After boppin’ around for 2+ months in a self-proclaimed “off season” after running Chicago, I love the prospect of a new training season.

Along with a new season, a new goal race, and a new dream of a goal time comes my new training plan.

NBHMTP Highlights

  • I built it out from a book I have by Hal Higdon entitled Run Fast .
  • The plan is exactly 12 weeks until race day. 12 weeks of fun!
  • Other races taking place during training: Salisbury Frosty Knuckle 5k (2/11) and Black Cat 10M (3/4). I’m not going to run the Hyannis Half.
  • 2-3 days of XT (cross training). That’s what I’m shootin’ for. The type and intensity of the XT on any particular day will be up to me and what I want to do and how I’m feeling. It will mostly be spinning, lifting and muscles classes.
  • 1-2 days of half-mile and/or quarter-mile repeats on the track. Like, Yasso 800s. I’m going to be doing more speedwork than I’ve ever done. The aim will be to do the 400s in 2:00-2:10 (8:00-8:40 pace) and the 800s in 4:10-4:25 (8:20-8:50 pace). The number of repeats will increase every couple or few weeks. I wrote “on track” on the plan because I love the track but I realize snow/ice/etc could inhibit that and I’ll have to take it elsewhere.
  • 1 day of tempos or intervals. The fastest miles will be done at my half GP, which will be about 9:00-9:10 pace.
  • 1-2 days of easy and/or recovery runs.
  • 1 Saturday morning long run. I’m not sure what pace I’ll aim for on the long run. Anything around 9:30.
  • Rest days once a week, but if I need to I’ll also take any day marked as XT or a few easy miles as a rest day.
  • Each week is different! I’m over monotony.
  • It’s a lot. It’s aggressive but want a sub 2-hour half marathon.
  • I do have some time on my hands (until I get a job, which I hope is very, very soon) so I should have no problem getting these workouts in. There are little excuses I can make use of at the moment… damn. JK.
  • This race was my first half 2 years ago. It’s a special one!
  • I swear this is about as serious as this blog will ever get.

NBHMTP Training Plan

78 days of fierce times.

In another official announcement, after a lot of thought, I registered for the Providence Marathon on Sunday, May 6 today. I think $85 is a pretty good deal for a full marathon. I’m running it because I’ve read it’s a good race, flat and fast course, not far from me and spring marathon could hopefully mean ideal weather. I think I’ll prefer training for a full in the winter/spring too. We’ll see.

I have one 15-miler on the half schedule, so I’ll have about 6 weeks from the New Bedford Half to get my long run up to ~20 miles. Not sure if I’ll have a specific time goal for Providence. Any tiny PR would be great or anything in the 4:30 range.

The countdown is on.

I’m babysitting tonight (lame but it’s extra $ for races, doh) and I am racing the Wicked Frosty 4M tomorrow morning. 48 degrees = kicking off 2012 in spandex shorts. I like that a lot.

So many other updates too that will have to wait. Be back tomorrow.

I hope you have a wonderful NYE!

What race(s) are you focusing on this spring? What are you doing for NYE?

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