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NeoCell Collagen Sport Protein Powder

Posted Feb 21 2012 11:41pm

I was first introduced to NeoCell Collagen Sport™   by the lovely Jill Hanner . She had mentioned how it was one of the few protein shakes that didn’t upset her stomach . I was excited then and there! After running my stomach doesn’t like to hold anything other than water – not even Gatorade a lot of the time…


I was even more interested once I read up on the product. It’s said to be a 4-in-1 formula.

Refuel: A Whey Protein isolate made up of branched chain amino acids
Recover: Using enzyme hydrolyzation to prevent deterioration of tendons and ligaments. Supporting recovery, strength, and flexibility.
Regenerate: Made up of L-Glutamine & Exogenous amino acids, to replace the glutamine burned during exercise. A loss of too much Glutamine can cause your body to literally rip it from your muscles, causing difficulty in recovery.
Replenish: Every serving has a great source of your daily vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant power of pomegranate extract!

NeoCell, however is way more than just a 4-in-1 protein powder !
It is a Doctor formulated GLUTEN, SUGAR, WHEAT, AND LACTOSE FREE, product that contains:

Why Collagen? Well – Collagen is the main component of the connective tissues in the body. Making up roughly 30-50% of the bodies protein content. However, Collagen ALONE is considered an incomplete protein. Though, when mixed with the other fancy ingredients it is considered whole.

CollSportLabel_FINAL large vanilla

Enough about the science though…

Naturally, I was delighted when Jean who works with NeoCell Sport contacted me about trying the product! (Again, Thank you Jill for the hook up!) Still, I was hesitant because as I mentioned above – my stomach doesn’t handle protein shakes very well! There are two flavor options for the powder… French Vanilla and Belgian Chocolate. I opted for the French Vanilla.


As soon as I opened the container I was overcome with the
scent of VANILLA CUPCAKES!! This got me even more excited to try it out! The first time I used it was after a particularly brutal run – so, still afraid of the typical thick protein drink – I opted to mix one scoop of protein powder, and a cup of water. GUESS WHAT?! That smell? The smell of delicious cupcakes, was also similar to the flavor! It really did taste like cupcake mix, minus all that sugar, of course! For the first time, ever I can truly say I enjoyed my post workout protein powder/water mix! Seriously, CUPCAKES Y’ALL!!

I’ve done a few fun things with the protein powder. I made cheesecake brownies with it, by adding a half scoop of powder, powdered sugar, and plain Choban i! I also made a vanilla, strawberry, pomegranate smoothie by adding a scoop of powder, a handful of strawberries, almond milk, and pomegranate juice. THIS WAS TO DIE FOR!

photo(3)   photo(31)

All in all – I really recommend this product! There is a lot you can do with it, the flavor is about 1 MILLION times better than the average protein powder. The consistency alone with just water still gets to me after a brutal workout, but my stomach holds it down unlike most post-workout drinks!

Mission successful! This may have just knocked chocolate + almond milk out of the running!


little miss Brooks approves of this message! ;)

What’s YOUR favorite post-workout recovery drink?

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