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Negativity - Is a Beytch

Posted Mar 31 2011 6:07pm
I consider myself a pretty carefree and fun person (which you can clearly tell from Titles! ha) - and I really want my blog to portray who I am.  Not everyone will be blessed in their lifetime to meet me, so when they read my posts I want them to feel as if they are reading exactly as if I were talking directly to them. So let me be real for a quick minute.

"Becoming" a runner. "Being" a runner.  Whatever you want to call it or label it, IF you feel it is necessary to do so at the very least reinforce your statement with positivity.  I don't understand people's comments? What is wrong with encouraging people. Period. When you discover they have committed themselves to a new hobby or sport,  who cares if its knitting for Christ's sake - some people these day's are some quick at the tongue to come off with something negative rather than being supportive, it drives me nuts.  What's wrong with saying something like: 

~What's wrong with that?  

I have a ton of people ALL day long that come up to me and say " thank you" so much for talking to me about your running you inspired me to get back out on the pavement today or I checked out your blog you are doing awesome keep up the great work! And the encouragment and feedback from friends and complete strangers is mind-blowing.... but the negativity and face-kicking from friends, co-workers and strangers is numbing! It proves to me even more that us "runners" need to stick together as a community and provide a ice pack or two to lean on when the going gets tough.  I mean holy crap.  

I can only speak for myself, but when I have a bad run or don't run in general I tend to beat myself up a bit.  The things that run through my mind are not all that great.  Some of the things that I have learned along the way have been that running is not all physical it is also mental.  I found a pretty interesting article   about the improtance of your mental fitness:
  • Confidence: we are tackling hills, running longer distances, running in crazy weather!
  • overcoming anger: having a bad day at work? jog it out. get pulled over by the 5-0? jog it out. (this was me today)
  • Improves our mood: "runner's high" that everyone is always talking about and also eliminating depression and stress
  • Focused and Determined: We are always striving towards the next race/marathon, the next workout, the next goal whether that be fitness or in life.  We challenge ourselves to be better in life and succeed in all aspects of our lives!

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