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Nature Boy

Posted Dec 03 2012 12:57pm

After a year in court, 47-year-old Andrew Lyall Pointon has won his appeal in a New Zealand high court, upholding his right to run naked through the forests of Tauranga.

“It is a win for all libertarians and a setback for all conservatives in the country,” said Pointon.

A woman walking her dog encountered Pointon while he was on a minimalist run and called police. Pointon was convicted of “offensive behavior” last December and appealed the decision.

Here’s how the meeting went, according to testimony :

Q. Okay, in your evidence you say, I think you said, 10 to 12 metres away. In the notebook that the constable read out in the conversation in the back of the patrol car, you said, “Only a few metres away”?

A. Which could constitute 10 to 12 metres.

Q. Or it could constitute from me to you, which she said in evidence, and you admit to saying hello?

A. To the dog.

Q. And now you say that was to the dog, not directed at her?

A. She might construe it as being directly to her.

Q. And you made no attempt to cover your private parts with your hand?

A. Um, not until I’d realised that there was a female figure up to my left on, on, on a upper track. By that time it was, um, what would have been seen would have been very minimal from a side-on perspective.

I think Pointon violated a fundamental law… of running: Don’t say hello to a strange dog while naked.

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