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Natural Law: Change

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:13pm

Over the last few weeks, I have had some superspectacular surprises.  First the planets aligned and gave me a sub 10 minute/mile pace on a 4 mile run.  Wow!   Then about a week later, I went out on an unplanned 5 mile run and boogied my bootie to the line in 48 minutes. And finally earlier this week, I zipped through a 5K in less than 30 minutes after a bike ride.  (If you have just tuned in -- these are unbelievably fast times for me, the world's slowest runner.)

The first time was a freaky ananomly - even NASA agreed it had to be full moon aftershock.   The second one made me raise my eyebrow and think, could we have a start of something?  And then on the third one, I think I can finally agree I see a trend line forming.    I hold my breath as I type this, but I think my running is improving.   But how can that be?

Change_priorities_2 Since my promise in April to give up/scale back my regular events, I haven't run regularly, been training at all, eating perfectly, losing weight or inches, or doing any events.  Everything is different from a year ago.  Oohhh, hold the phone.  I get it.  

It can be!  It's not about what I haven't been doing.   It's about what I changed and am doingI was looking at the list in the wrong way.    The transition from a "runner who ran to train for something" to a "runner who runs just to run" threw me for a loop - it Change_sign was tough change.    But now it is clearer, my running progress isn't due to an addition or lack of training.   It is a result of the change in how I approach running. 

Natural Law:  You gotta' change your running to change your results.

Change_your_thoughts Over the past few years, I have run the same events, using the same type of plans, using the same types of courses and trails.    It is a bit of insanity to think that doing the same thing would give me different results.   It makes perfect sense to me now.   After 10 years of sameness, a few months of completely "different" would give me something I hadn't anticipated - some improvement!   

It's a wonderful side effect to a great experiment.   And a great reminder of a natural law of running and life.   

Change is good!

And to our fellow runners out there going through some of their own change - good luck!  Especially.... deetsshei's move to London,  Sandy as she watches her child head to college, David moving for his job, and Ian's prep for new baby.

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Photo of change your thoughts by StarLisa

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