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Naked Juice Closest to the Coconut Taste Test

Posted Sep 21 2012 12:50pm

For the past few years I have seen more and more emphasis at post race events on coconut water.  I’ve never been one that has been totally open to the different taste but when Naked contacted me about a challenge they were hosting I felt curious to see if I could tell the difference between true coconut water and that from a box.

I have to say that with the hot summer months of training almost behind us, not enough runners continue to focus on their hydration as the cooler days of fall creep into our training schedules.  I am one of the guilty ones and am always looking for new and better ways to stay hydrated.  During the past few weeks I have been implementing coconut water into my training, both pre and post long training run.  I have to admit that taste and nutrition is not being sacrificed when reaching for the natural replenishment of coconut water and Naked as you will soon see from my taste taste is closet to the coconut.

I received from Naked two young green coconuts and a interesting tool to bore a hole.  With help from my beautiful wife and assistant for this challenge, I had her put both the pure coconut water and Naked Coconut Water into two dark cups with a straw.  She was very careful to set the test up so that no bits of coconut had made their way into the cup, which would have given away which was from the fresh young coconut.

Being a neophyte in the tasting of coconut water I felt that I had a pretty open mind to what would taste fresh and what would taste like it came from the box. The smell, gave nothing away, so my first line of picking the freshest was out the window.  I took a taste of one, then of the other.  A then B.  B then A. Then I repeated. I could not find any difference between the two.  Since both were refrigerated I couldn’t go based on temperature either.  When it came time to choose which one was from the fresh young coconut I simply guessed as there was not real major difference between the two flavors, taste or consistency.

A little more about Naked Coconut Water: While water is nature’s purest liquid, the nectar produced by the coconut palms that line tropical beaches comes a close second. However, when it comes to taste, it’s no contest. This delicious elixir has potassium and other electrolytes that make it a great beverage for replenishment. So, after you’re done working your body into shape, treat it to a tropical getaway.

What I have enjoyed is the awesome balance of calcium, potassium and calories that each serving provides me after a long run.  It has quickly become a fantastic and go to method of restoring a hydration balance after a tough run.

Do you want to win a month’s supply of Naked Juice Coconut Water? If so, show a photo how you #replenish after a run and win. The best photo tagged #replenish and @nakedjuice each week will earn the photographer a feature on the Naked Facebook Page and a month’s supply of Naked Coconut Water . Details for entry can be found here .

Do you drink coconut water? What benefits do you enjoy from it? Do you like the taste? How often do you drink it?

- Scott



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