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MySpace Investigational Report U ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:00am

MySpace Investigational Report Update

As some of you might be aware, I have a rudimentary Myspace profile set up whose purpose is to keep a close pulse on the state of youth culture. I set up a really bare bones profile, hardly divulging a thing, but I did include that I'm married, have kids, and love to run. I use only my Sensationally Red name and I even posted a real picture of me, albeit I am wearing sunglasses, but still fully recognizable, holding my trademark Gatorade Green Sports bottle. I like the picture, but my expression is impish--my up to no good smile. I wanted to be able post comments on Hipmama's blog, so that was my initial incentive for putting up a profile, but then my morbid curiosity set in and I really wanted to figure out "What's Up" with MySpace. All my students have a MySpace, but I would just die if they found out I had one. I think it's totally stupid to go arbitrarily making friends requests of millions of people. Rarely, they have anything to say. So, I wanted to take it slow and I would make a friends request only if they had something to offer me in terms of a riveting blog, at least.

I didn't want to do any blog type entries on MySpace. When I was surfing the net for Redhead pictures for my 100th blog post, I came across the MySpace profiles of a few red head aficionados, former heckled and freckled redheads that have finally grown to appreciate their uniqueness. I made friends requests to be part of the redhead clan. One of those Redhead's turns out to not be a redheaded female, but a man with a good corner on the redhead fetish porn market. He collects some very interesting pictures of scantily clad beautiful redheads. This was a private profile, so I had to make a "friends" request to gain entry to this portal of redheaded raunchiness. Now what if I was only pretending to be a 42 year old? What if I was, in fact, 16, and trying to see what's behind these closed doors? Actually, this site wasn't that bad...just many photos of pretty redheaded girls. Now, more shocking was what behind the door of the Naked Nurse. Hmmm..this had me intrigued. What is she all about? So, in the name of investigational youth culture research, I made a request. The next day my request was approved and lo and behold...I don't think this is a nurse, but she sure is naughty. I am a nurse and her video clips gave me a demonstration of things that I didn't think were humanely possible with the human body. This was definitely a free porn site and a very very naughty one. The MySpace administrators regularly delete her profile, but she goes about setting it all up again. Now, it was about this time, that a local runner in the area happened upon my profile and noticed I'm a runner and initiated conversation based on this. He must have found me doing a search of MySpace chicks within a certain radius of where he lives. He's a nice enough dude, but one day he asked, "What's up with the X-rated Nurse?" I replied that I don't think she's a nurse but she's x-rated. No further discussion on that, but I realized that I'm starting to get judged by the company I keep. I didn't really want to go into my investigation conquests of the youth culture, but I figured it's time I take down my picture! And I invited him over to my Blogger account, since he's interested in running. Since the running community is relatively small, I knew I was just going to run into him some day at a race and he'd recognize me and I'd be pigeon-holed as that naughty redheaded runner with all the naughty friends! Actually, only a few of them are this way. I've only amassed about 12 friends on MySpace and I really don't know them at all. Myspace is woefully dissatisfying to me, unlike my Blogger connections. Blogger connections are based on something real, love for sports, or whatever....when I meet a fellow Blogger for the first time, I'm already connected to them through our love of sports. I'm sure some MySpace relationships can become close, but for the most part...I'm not really into it. I would be worried about my kids having a MySpace profile, because I know they'll run into the porn that they aren't mature enough to handle. For the most part, it's innocent stuff the kids are doing: posting pictures of their friends, sharing the music they like, and so forth, but I don't know how they'd not run into inevitable dark side of Myspace. It's mainstream youth culture and it's here to stay. If my kids ever get into the MySpace stuff, I'll insist on being a friend. But as a grown up--give me a good sports blog any day! However...if you want some good cheap porn...check out the naked nurse on MySpace. Hey! Somebody's got to keep tabs on these kids!
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