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My White Elephant Gift For the Exchange

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:13pm

Charm Let me first say that the bar on thewhite elephant gift exchangehas been set very high by Topher.  If you haven't stopped by to see his gift (yes, I peeked at it already) of The Japanese Golden Poop Charm - then you are missing a great treat.   But how in the world could I find a gift that could top that?!?!   I just can't - but damn, I hope I am the lucky one that receives it.

For my contribution to this exchange, it is a not only the gift but the freakin' hilarious White_elephant_gift description provided by Jezebel in her recap of a few of the best Swiss Colony gifts.   You can see the stunning glory of this gift in the picture on the right - but to get the full effect - read and enjoy her description:

Apolyester throwto cover your fat slob of a husband who's become attached to his La-Z-Boy at the cellular level, like that obese lady on Nip/Tuck. Instead of his name, embroider it with the word "Loser." Comes in excrement brown, Mommy's merlot and coroner's scrubs green. Pocket not designed to contain vomit. ($24.95)

Don't get me wrong - I love blankets, especially warm snuggling blankets after a cold winter run - but the pocket on the front for the remote has pushed this gift to a level of unacceptable.

If you are in the mood for posts and conversations about bad Christmas gifts, here are a few conversations to check out:  HotRodders, CNN article, Yahoo discussion, Ktar discussion, Something Awful.   There are tons more out there - but any of these will give you a good giggle and think you dear stars that your Great Aunt Thelma only gives you sweaters that she wore as a little girl versus what some of these folks have received.

Some of my favorites from the list that you must check out are the Grow a Frog (yes, seriously grow one from a tadpole.  The downside - it lives for like 18 years), Deceased father's toenail clippers set, Skull Toaster (yes the toast had the inprint of a skull on it) and my personal favorite for a work gift - Rubber Band Ball.

One parting thought was this video clip from Ellen.   I think she may have a bit too much time on her hands - because she thought too hard about what this gift could be used for.

Ok, now get busy - let's see what gifts you have.   Don't forget to post about it on your blog or profile no later than the 18th   (just a few shopping days left) and then drop a note off in the Runners' Lounge Holiday Party - the White Elephant Gift Exchange Forum.

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