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My WeekEND in Pictures…Boarding & Running

Posted Feb 13 2011 12:00am

Hello beautiful weather! Beautiful weather makes for an awesome weekend! Yes…the weather makes a big difference and this weekend was awesome! After a week of below zero temps the above freezing temps of this weekend were…well, welcome to say the least!

Saturday we went snowboarding at Welch Village near Redwing, MN. Needless to say a weekend of boarding in the Colorado Rockies has ruined anything Wisconsin has to offer…

DSC02919 Just 3 miles away from Welch Village and we are staring at flat ground…

IMAG0385 Warm weather = Snowballs!
Chris + Snowballs = Board away quickly!IMAG0386 Wisconsin boarding…
I have been completely spoiled by Colorado…


IMAG0389 IMAG0388

Also, I may or may not have toxic snot
I am always rubbing my running nose on the thumb of my glove and it is wearing away.
My snowboard apparently caught on and picked up some TP for me…weird!

IMAG0391 IMAG0393

Of course we had to stop by Heidi’s Hollow!
I knew it was here, I have a very similar photo from last year…

Circa 2010

After boarding we headed home and laid around. Boarding wasn’t much of a workout – especially compared to Colorado – but it still wore us out…maybe it was the 4 hours on the road that made us extra lazy!

Sunday morning started out lazy but I knew I had a 10 mile run to get done. I headed out of the house at about 1:30 and the weather was…phenomenal! I couldn’t have asked fore better weather! I was actually kind of concerned I didn’t know how to dress for 41 degree weather after all my below freezing runs – but I was dressed perfectly!

DSC02931 Sunny sun! Yay!


IMAG0395 This cliff thingy is my favorite part of my drive to work and also a great part of my run! Something about frozen “waterfalls” makes me really happy!

There is one minor problem with running in 40+ degree temps when you are surrounded by snow…

IMAG0396 Water…lots of water…all over the place!

I had to make a lot of stops to tip toe around huge puddles and slog through slush. The first part of my run was most annoying – the snow was warm enough to be extra packy and it packed right onto the bottom of my shoes! I spent about three miles of running on shoes that could have easily passed for Shape Ups ! The snow packed into the heel of my shoes and made it feel like I was running with a mini stability ball under my heel…annoying!

DSC02920 Wet toes…you can’t tell in the photo but my toes were very wet from all the water I ran through!
My toes are also slightly blistered from running with wet socks. Oops.

I ran a total of 10.15 miles with an average pace of 9:59. I am not excited about my pace. I was really hoping that awesome weather would lead to an awesome run with an awesome pace. Apparently I was hoping for just too much awesome…

My Garmin was being silly and not auto-lapping quite like I thought it was going to. I did stop once to play with it and then just hoped for the best. The first 3 miles of Shape Up running messed with my overall pace. My last 5 miles were all under 9:50, some under 9:45…so I suppose I can feel good about that!

weather 2.13 I started out with 41 degree temps and ended at 45 (my phone said 46…).

I love this weather..and the rest of the week looks pretty awesome too – minus the wind! I can hear the wind gusting around our house right now…I’m not excited to run in that later this week!

weather 2.13wk

After my run and a quick shower Chris and I headed out to eat. I whined my way into getting him to go to the new-ish HuHot Mongolian Grill .

I loved it the first time I was there with work and it was still pretty tasty this time around…I had two heaping plates of delicious food. Being responsible I loaded on the vegetables and to keep it interesting I added pineapple and oranges to one of my dishes! Yum!

But after three hours later I was fully prepared to vomit up my meal. Yay. Not kidding. I had my hair up, scarf off and was staring myself down in the bathroom mirror. Not cool. It passed and I don’t know the actual cause but I’m not going to be super pushy for HuHot again soon…which is fine since Chris isn’t a big fan of the food to begin with – just not his kinda food. Chris is definitely more of a burger guy!

Happy Awesome Weather Weekend to y’all!

I hope you go the chance to get out and enjoy the weather!

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