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My Top 10 Destination Race Bucket List

Posted Feb 08 2013 7:00am

How many of you have a shortlist of races that you would love to do, but there is just a little time off and money standing in your way? Of course, I have a list like that too! Here is a list of my top 10 races (in no particular order) that I would love to run in upcoming years.

Paris is a city I would absolutely love to visit. Ever since my friend Dee mentioned how amazing the race is, it has been on my list without much of a thought. I would love to run around the City of Lights and take in all that is has to offer. It would turn in to one amazing vacation too!

Paris Marathon

This 10k has over 50,000 runners and 90+ starting waves. You are seeded by predicted finish time, so there is minimal bottle necking, and everyone around you should be able to run at your same pace. And honestly, Memorial Day in Colorado – yes please!


I visited Vancouver during my honeymoon, and absolutely fell in love with the city. The weather is beautiful and the scenery is gorgeous too! Oh, and did you see the race is hosted by Lululemon!? Running, yoga, a great city, a great company to host it – doesn’t seem like it can get much better!


PeachTree is the largest 10k in the world, supporting over 60,000 runners! This race is held every year on the 4th of July in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve always had in the back of my mind that I would love to complete this race. It is a lottery system, so not everyone gets in, but chances you are selected are still good. Something unique about this race – they hold a competition each year to design the t-shirt! You can enter and have the chance to win $1000, plus your design featured on over 60,000 shirts! This year, we are headed to California for the 4th of July, but perhaps 2014 will be the year of the Peach Tree for me? We shall see!

PeachTree Road Race

I have always wanted to travel overseas to do a marathon. I think it would be a lot of fun, and such a different experience. I mean, come on – the course would be marked in kilometers! What an adjustment! London is also one of 2 marathons I have left to finish up the World Majors goal that I have to complete!


London Marathon

Berlin is another one of the marathon majors that I have left to do. I’ve never been to Germany, and think this would be the perfect reason to go and visit a new country. Plus, I can only imagine how awesome it would be to eat and drink after running 26.2 miles through the city. Such a dream!



(or half marathon)

This race seems like such a fun girl’s retreat weekend. I would love to do the marathon, but let’s be honest… going from Florida (no) hills to San Francisco would be a bit of a drastic change. Not to mention, the marathon takes so much more out of me than a half marathon does, and I would love to be able to explore in San Francisco – rather than running around the entire thing. And my sister is wayyy more likely to agree to a half marathon!! So, either race would be good for me.  NikeWomens

This is a race that a lot of you have probably not heard of. The Bourbon Chase is a relay very similar to Ragnar – 200 miles, 12 runners (or 6 for the Ultra). The biggest difference is that this race is a tour of Bourbon Country in Kentucky. It starts at the Jim Beam distillery, and finishes up in Lexington, with many distillery stops along the way. Seriously, how fun does that sound?! It fills up very quick every year, so when I finally do decide to do it, I will let you all know! I will be needing some teammates!

Bourbon Chase


Imagine Pacific Coast scenery on a point to point course, named best destination race, year after year by Runner’s World. That is where Big Sur comes in. Their tagline isn’t “Running on the Edge of the Western World” for nothing after all. Anytime I see a recap, I always gush over how amazing it looks. Even though it has some pretty crazy hills, I am still keeping this on my must-do race list. After all, not every marathon has to be an A-race. Some can be just for fun!

This is what you see at the half marathon point (from their site, so tiny photo)…

Big Sur


This marathon occurs the last weekend of October each year, and seems to be a blast. It’s not an easy course, but I have heard it is one of the must do races! I would love to run a marathon in DC, and think that Marine Corps would fit perfectly.

marine Corp marathon


What races top your list for great destination runs? Do you want to do any of the races that I mentioned above? Have you completed any of them already?

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