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My Thursday post created a nice ...

Posted May 22 2009 10:51pm

My Thursday post created a nice little debate on my blog.  I'm always one interested in debates and hearing both sides of an argument.  But instead of replying to the comments I thought my response was worth a blog entry.

The problem as I see it, is that banning same sex marriage is akin to the government legislating morality.  Whose morality do you legistate?  I am Christian, but not everyone in this country is.  Yes this country was founded on Christian priciples and our legal system is based on the Ten Commandments.  However, the government has the job of keeping us safe from harm.  Of allowing us to pursue life, liberty and happiness.  I see no reasosn the govnment should tell us what to do in regards to personal matters than harm no one else.

Remember when women weren't allowed to vote?  Slaves were kept in large numbers?  Interracial couples were not allowed to marry? (that practice wasn't changed until the late 1960's!)  In ALL of these cases the majority of Americans were not for the right thing at the time.  Being in majoring does not making something right. Denying right is denying rights period in my eyes.

If churches wants to keep gay marriage illegal - that's their business.  But we live in a country that prides itself on equality for all and we cleary don't have it.

By the way.. intersting reading for those who think that banning same sex marriage is an opinion that has held through the bulk of human history may want to read this.

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