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My Story to the Chicago Marathon Race Commitee

Posted May 26 2010 3:46pm
Why I am running the Chicago Marathon on 10.10.10....

"Ever since I could remember, I have been in awe of marathon runners. How is it possible to run 26.2 miles? I would count miles driving and I would be astonished when I got to 26.2, thinking about going all that way, if I were running. I had never put much serious thought into actually running one until last summer, but it was always in the back of my mind. Throughout college, I would run a few miles in the gym here and there but it wasn’t easy. Running is hard and grueling especially when you’ve been overweight your entire life. It has been tough because I have always exercised and eaten healthy, it’s just a matter of eating too much and finding balance between calories in and out. I want to get to my goal weight and I am trying to get there by October 10th. I know I will be faster and stronger if I do, but I also know that I can run at my weight now, so either way I will get there. I am especially excited to run for Chicago Run, because their charity promotes an active lifestyle for children and the fight against childhood obesity. I know that if I can run a 5K, 10K, and a Half Marathon, that I can run a 26.2 Mile Marathon. I want the Chicago Marathon to be my first because I was born in Lake Forest, IL and all of my Dads family still lives in Illinois. I moved to Massachusetts when I was a toddler, but I have continued to visit throughout the years. I eventually want to run the Boston Marathon, but I need to start somewhere, and Chicago is that place. I cannot wait to come back to my home city and run! Also, all of my family will be there and knowing they are at the finish will keep me going! I even have family and friends flying with me from Boston. Nothing can stop me now. I have worked my way up from 3-13 miles since last summer and now I will go from 13-26 this summer. Pushing myself physically and mentally is tough. Some days I don’t know how I got up in 14 degree weather to run the Newton Hills this winter, while training for my Half Marathon. In the end, I did and I know that I can do anything that I set my mind to. I want to run a marathon not only for myself, but to show everyone I know and strangers alike, that anyone can do whatever they set their mind to. I just need to have the faith, strength, and courage to fight for it. Running is great, because I can always go further and I can always go faster. I can keep going until I tell my legs to stop. Sometimes I have perfect runs and other times I give up after a mile. The beauty of it is that the next time I tie my laces, my slate is wiped clean. Running my first Half Marathon (Disney Princess 3.7.10) has been my proudest moment to date. The rush of emotion I felt as I crossed the finish line was indescribable. I can recall how I felt at every mile, pushing myself for more. I can only imagine what “hitting the wall” feels like, or when muscles spasm at mile 25, and I will have to push with all I have to make it the last bit of the course. It’s all part of the fight to the finish and on 10.10.10 I know I will get there."
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