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My Soul Mate

Posted Mar 28 2013 9:01pm

Yes, of course my husband is my ROMANTIC soul mate but I have another soul mate.

Her name is Mara. 

We met when we were 14 years old and have never been apart in spirit since the day we met. 

And she has been on my heart every single day for months and months now so I had to write about her. 

Even with the chaos that my life is, there isn't a day that doesn't go by that I don't think of her, pray for her, send love and light her way. 

I'd do anything for her! 
And I really mean that!

I can remember back when we were 15 one of our all time favorite things to do was write each other 20 page letters in beautiful colors with glitter and funny photos and all. They would all be titled either "UNIVERSAL" meaning all our mutual friends were game to read them too or "NON-UNIVERSAL" meaning it was to be kept between her and I ONLY!!!! 
Sometimes we'd cut out pics from a current fashion mag and make stupid comments on the outfits or  say what we loved. We always talked about boys. Of course!   We'd rattle on and on about what we thought our weekend plans should entail. 
Then we'd fold them up in a special origami type way and hand it over to the other first thing in the morning so we could take an hour reading them during first period when we should have been participating in  Algebra. 
No thanks! 
I'll take a juicy gossip filled letter form my bestie any day.

We snuck each other out of our house on many occasions, kept each others deepest darkest secrets, got into A LOT of trouble but also had the BEST of the BEST of times!!! 

Smoking cigarettes at 7:30 am on the way to school or eating ice cream sundaes for lunch, ditching class to drink pots of coffee at JB's or shoplifting a lipstick from the local drug store. We'd dye eachother's hair horrible shades of orange and then beg our parents to pay a professional to fix it. 
Ahhh....the good old days! 

Yeah, we were little rebels all right but nothing out of the norm. I think all teens go through his little rebellious stage. We were buddies, besties!!!! 

I can remember I used to call her house in the middle of the night (when we still lived with our parents) and for some odd reason her mother would actually answer the phone and then go into her room and wake her up and give her the phone. 

The first thing I would say is, "are you awake?" and she would ALWAYS reply, "of course I am. I'm, just resting". Meanwhile she was DEAD asleep EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! 

Poor girl. I thin I did that to her at least twice a week. 

Gosh I miss those days!!!!!

I don't know if any of you have ever in your life been lucky enough to have a best friend. A REAL BEST FRIEND!!!! The kind you would even venture to call your soul mate. 

We always joked that if we got to be a certain age and we weren't married we'd just marry each other. We always said we wished the other was a man so we could just be happy together forever. 
We were 2 peas in a pod.

We lived together for 6 years!! SIX YEARS!!!! In 3 different states too. I'm telling you we were inseparable. We spend EVERY holiday for 15 years at each others family homes. What am I saying?  We still do. I was just at her family's house over Christmas 8 months pregnant with Tosh eating bisochittos. I very much consider her family my own. I LOVE that. I LOVE her! 

We've been through life. We've been through death; love, life, betrayal and triumph.............

Mara knows me better than my husband does. She watched me fall, fail, succeed and flourish. She taught me how to put on eyeliner and wear high heels. She threw my wedding shower. She was my maid of honor and spoke at my wedding. She held my new born babies the first days they were born. She nursed me back to health many a day. She knows my dreams, my failures, my goals, my Short comings, when I'm not ok and when I am. 
She can read me a mile away or take one look into my eyes and "JUST KNOW"

These people are so few and far between. I am so very blessed to have her in my life!
My wedding. My Maid Of Honor. My Best Friend.

Holding my first born son the day he was born. She rushed over to the hospital so fast she was still in her slippers when she arrived.

She's saved my life in more ways than one.  But I literally would not be walking and breathing on this planet today without her. To that I will be forever indebted to her. There is no one else in this world I can say that for. She is literally my saving grace.

There were so many nights we laughed so hard we cried, so many I could never even begin to count them. There were also so many nights we cried real tears and held each other in bed. We frequently slept in the same bed when we lived together. It was just nicer that way with a big white dog in the middle of us taking up most of the bed,  of course. 

In our younger days when we lived in California we CONSTANTLY had people approaching us in grocery stores or wherever we went asking if Mara was a model and if not if she wanted to model.

The photo to the left was a photographer's project at Brook's University in Santa Barbara and I was supposed to be the hair stylist. 
HA....HA!!! It was supposed to look heroin chic.  This was before I went to beauty school my friends.

I love these photos. She is s stunner, isn't she?

 I just want to say that I feel truly blessed to have Mara as my best friend and lady soul mate. 

I think it's extremely lucky if you ever in your lifetime find such a thing. A TRUE best friend is a rarity these days. I am truly blessed.
Do any of you have a "REAL" best friend?
They are WONDERFUL!!!!

Happy Easter!!! 
Have a Great Weekend !!!
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