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MY lower abs hurt after I run for over 3 miles. Stretching is painful and I feel my abs and pelvis hurt when I stretch my in

Posted by fabbi

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To reduce further injury, cut your mileage such that you don't feel the pain.

You may have inyury to your sciatica. "The sciatica is the longest nerve in your body. It's formed by nerve roots at the end of the spine. From there it passes through the pelvis and into the legs. It's branches go all the way to the foot. If you feel pain anywhere along the swciatic nerve, there could be a pinching somewhere along the nerve. This could be caused by a pelvi tilt or by pressure on a disc." (Runner's Repair Manual, by Dr. Murray Weisenfeld) To test for sciatica, "While you're lying on your back....Lift your right leg up, with the knee straight. Now your helper holds your foot and bends the toe toward the knee. If this causes a pain in the leg, you have sciatica....Lower your leg and repeat the test with the other leg. Sciatica is not something you can treat yourself. Go to your family GP or anosteropath or an orthopedist."

If you have sciatica, stop running and see your doctor.

Thank you forthe comment.  It is not ciatica nerve.  I'm familiar with that pain, I had taht before, and I stretch for that.  This pain is in my lower left abs, not behind my leggs, and it runs down my pelvis and when I cough or stretch my inner thigh. Sometimes it hurts when Im resting in bed and move aroound.

a day of rest and it is less painfull. Then it is gone all together.


Thanks so much Allen
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