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My love/hate relationship with Winter…

Posted Nov 03 2010 12:00am

Winter is upon us! For those of you lucky enough to live in area with four major seasons this means snow and ice will soon be blessing us with their presence. Whoo hoo! How can I be so certain? Well, aside from the telltale cooling temps and falling leaves there have been a few ominous signs…

Flyers in the mail flaunting all of the nice, warm places I should plan on visiting over the next few months.

The Husband, Chris, has started talking about his for a new snowboard. I don’t see anything wrong with his old one but apparently it just will not do anymore!

I went into a meeting this morning and one of my co-workers started singing “Oh Christmas Tree”. I think everyone mentally throat punched him! NO Christmas songs…not yet!

I have pulled out the jacket, hat and gloves for running! I am also trying to psych myself up for my marathon training…that starts in mid-January…in Wisconsin…

Daylight Savings starts this weekend. On Chris’s birthday we all get to fall back a full hour. Yay, fun and exciting…right? Wrong! This means it will be dark when I leave the house in the morning AND when I get home at night. Not cool.

And I’ll have you know that Chris’s birthday present is all planned out – has been for quite some time. However, my ability to execute these plans in a timely manner is lacking…oops! It’s the thought that counts? Patience is a virtue? Yeah, whatever, he’ll get it eventually!

As with most other things in my life I have a love/hate relationship with winter and all of the excitement it brings to Wisconsin.

What I PPH (Pink Puffy Heart) about Wisconsin winters…

  • Snow! It is so pretty…from inside!
  • Snowboarding. I’m not all that good but, like with running, I go out there, give it my best and have fun.
  • Cooler temps – I do not like July & August…you can only take off so many clothes but I have lots of hoodies and blankets!
  • Awesome boots and funky tights!
  • Hot chocolate, fireplaces and good books…

What I highly dislike (hate is a strong word…) about Wisconsin winters…

  • Darkness…it is always dark outside!
  • Ice! It sucks to drive on ice. It sucks to scrap ice off car windows. It sucks to run on ice… Ice sucks!
  •  Below zero temps – you know, when it is so cold it hurts to breathe!
  • The dreadmill treadmill…for those days it hurts to breathe outside!
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