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My Long Lost Hobby

Posted Sep 04 2012 8:00am

Do you have any long lost hobbies? I sure do. There are many things that as a kid I really enjoyed, lost interest in when I was in middle school and high school, and then have really started to enjoy in the last few years. One of these things is fitness and running and another one is reading.

I clearly picked up reading from my mom. When I was growing up she would spend a lot of her free time reading and usually read about a book every 2-3 days. She would often take me with her to Barnes & Noble and while she would pick out a few books for herself, she would let me roam free in the children’s section. I loved these mother-daughter dates and I would always leave with a stack of books that I could not wait to dive into.

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I read everything from the Dear America series (fave!) to the Nancy Drew mysteries. At one time I loved Baby Sitters Club and then I read the entire Boxcar Children series. Reading was just something I did when I came in from playing outside. It was a part of life.

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When I started middle school, life was just too busy to read all the time. I had homework which included reading and then when I wasn’t doing school work I wanted to spend time on AOL IM-ing with friends. I read on occasion during my summer break (hello Harry Potter) but didn’t really get back into the habit of reading for pleasure every day.

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During college I had small affairs with reading. I would pick up a few books during winter/summer break and I would promise myself that I would keep reading during the semester. Unfortunately, things would get busy quickly and then free time was spent going out with friends and yet again reading would fall to the wayside.

After graduating with my Masters degree last May I took some time off of anything academic. I was completely burnt out and tired of cramming reading into every second of every day. Ian and I watched a lot of television and whipped through the entire Mad Men series. It took awhile but without fail, a couple of months later I started to feel the itch again. I wanted to read. I started easy and reread the majority of the Harry Potter series. When I wanted something more challenging I started Catch-22. After that, I decided to do the reading challenge , read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks , and Animal Farm. Before I knew it, reading became a natural part of my life again and my Nook and I became BFFs.

I forgot how much reading for pleasure helps me relax. I read on the ‘l’ on the way to work in the morning, on my lunch break (on days that I actually have some time to take a lunch break), on my commute home, and before bed. I love the feeling of getting lost in a good book for hours at a time. For some reason it feels so much more productive than sitting on the couch watching tv (although clearly there is time for that too- life is about balance!).

So tell me, do you have any long lost hobbies? What are they?
Also, any good book suggestions? I’m in need of a new one! 

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