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My Little Preggo Strength Training Routine

Posted Aug 22 2012 7:31pm

Okay so last week I decided that I needed a little strength training program that I could maintain along with my running while pregnant and I had a couple questions about, like,
 "what the heck is a donkey kick?" 
HA....I don't blame you, my terms are so accurate and well known:)
So, I made you a lovely little tutorial with the exception of a bicept curl and a girl push up. I figured we all knew how to for those!

MY ROUTINE!!!!! *Plank 90 seconds (either elbow or full extension) *60 Triceps lifts with 10 pound medicine ball (20 reps X 3) *60 Bicep curls with 10 pounds free weight (20 reps X3)                           *80 girly push ups  ( I figure I'm pregnant I'm allowed to wimp out a little, reps of 20 or 40) *75 squats (40 set) (20 set) (15 set)  *80 Donkey Kick leg lifts for the booty  (40 each side)

okay so what do you think??

Totally doable for a pregnant lady, right??
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