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My Last Double Digit Run

Posted Mar 07 2010 12:00am

Twelve nice and easy miles in the books. My last double digit training run before the Big Day. I took the opportunity to check out a couple things from my list

  • Clothing: Apparently my body is still changing. My favorite marathon shorts (Adidas with built in compression shorts) fits a lot looser that I remember. I had a problem with the shorts riding down on my hips and the compression shorts riding up into my nether regions. I fixed it by cinching the drawstrings a little tighter. Ouch! I need to remember that on race day....
  • Fueling on the run: I was able to rip the little top off the Hammer Gels and get them down while moving. This is a big deal given my highly evolved sense of balance and coordination. The only thing I didn't practice was throwing the finished gel pack on the ground (shame shame!)

So far so good. Today is a six mile race pace run. Time to figure out how that feels....

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