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My Injury

Posted Feb 04 2013 6:00am
OK it's finally time to talk about it... injury.
Not a photo of my injury, just a photo from Saturday
where I look like a mess after doing some pigeon stretches on the
ground and getting covered in leaves :)

I have been avoiding discussing this injury subject extensively for MONTHS (since August to be exact) because I didn't want to come to terms with it.

I didn't want to admit to myself that I had an injury.

I didn't want to dwell on it.

I didn't want people to feel bad about it or get annoyed at me for talking about it.

So I just didn't really bring it up much at all on the blog.

HOWEVER, it's now finally 95% healed and it doesn't really bother me anymore so I am finally OK talking about it.

Admitting something is wrong is important in order to fix a problem and fully come to terms with it, right? :)

What on Earth was my nagging injury?
I've been dealing with proximal hamstring tendonitis , starting around August 18th, 2012.

How did it start?
I'd had a hard week of workouts, a long run, and then I sat in a car for a few hours to drive up to my sister's bridal shower and when I got out of the car to stand up, something in my upper thigh/hip didn't feel right.  I thought I'd just tweaked something, so I just rested and then continued to try to run casually off and on, hoping it would get better.

But it didn't.

I had discomfort at the spot where my hamstring inserts to my hip on the ischial tuberosity.
discomfort in the red area
image from Runner's Connection

It felt completely different from my inferior pubic ramus stress fracture from 2010 (which hurt when I beared weight on it and I could absolutely not run through it.)  The hamstring tendonitis was more of a dull discomfort that I could possibly run through, but I generally avoided because I didn't want to make it worse and for a long time I had no idea what it was.  When I initially saw my MD in late August, he just said it was a hamstring site insertion strain and recommended that I just take a complete break from running until it healed so I stopped (but could have potentially run through it with 3/10 discomfort otherwise.)  It wasn't until I was fully evaluated and treated by a physical therapist that I learned what the problem actually was.

Oddly enough, it hurt the most when I got out of a car after driving and when I got up from a seated position.  Sharp pain that would dissolve after walking around for a few seconds.  Very strange.

Running through it?
I attempted a couple short and easy runs in September but it was too uncomfortable to maintain any sort of normal gait/pace.  Pretty much took off October (minus the Runner's World Hat Trick 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon , which of course was NOT smart, considering I hadn't trained.)
loved running with some of my favorite blogger
buddies (including Michele and Kristin ) at the Runner's World event
even if I wasn't in great running shape :)

I finally got to the point where I just flat out didn't run for a long time, hoping it would disappear completely with complete rest (minus the last 6 miles of the Richmond Marathon course with my NYC buddies :)
me, Jess , Gia , Meggie  at the Richmond Marathon in November

Late in December, I decided I was done waiting.  The discomfort seemed to be improving so I started running a bit again and then (relatively) ramped up the mileage a bit more in January.  It doesn't really hurt anymore when running, only when I'm really pushing the pace or when I'm getting out of my car.

Physical Therapy to Save the Day
In January the hammie/hip was almost all healed but after a discussion with my MD, I decided to meet with a physical therapist (PT) and see if I could get a full eval and finally put an end to this mysterious nagging injury.  It's been over 5 months since this started and I'd like it to be fully gone before my Boston training really gets into gear.

The miracle worker PT did a full eval, including a thorough gait analysis, and gave me a few recommendations.  I can already tell a huge difference.  So far my PT "homework" includes planks, lower ab strengthening, icing, and special stretches.  Adding in some more strengthening exercises soon.  I am supposed to avoid hill workouts and speed workouts (which is fine with me for now because I usually don't do much of that anyway and I'll probably be able to incorporate those types of runs soon.)
special hammie stretch post-long run

Hopefully this will be 100% done and over with in the near future!  It's SOOO close to being fully healed, can't wait for it to be completely gone.

Am I Still Racing The Boston Marathon?
Heck yes!  I won't be shattering any world records, but I'll certainly be heading up there to run and putting in a strong effort.  Perhaps I'll PR, but perhaps I won't and honestly that's fine with me.  Either way, I'm just freaking excited to be running Boston and I'll be happy with whatever outcome my body feels like having :)

Tell me, have you ever had an running injury?  If so, how long did you have to take off?
This is my 2nd injury.  I had a  stress fracture in my hip  back in 2010 when I started racing.
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