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My hospital Must Haves

Posted Feb 07 2013 2:24pm

As you all know I have been a tiny bit busy with my 2 toddlers and haven't quiet gotten around to packing a bag for the hospital or really getting much done around here in preparation for the new baby so I thought maybe it would help if I wrote a post about my "to do" list as motivation.

I was reading  "The Vanilla Tulip"  and I loved  this  post Ashley put together about hospital must haves and thought maybe I should give it a go. 

I wanted to have my first baby in the hospital. It was my first; I didn't know what to expect and honestly I'm really glad I did. You probably already know I like to go all natural with my births and going all natural the first time around is a little scary. I was glad that I was in a an environment that I knew if something wasn't exactly right, we had access to immediate medical interventions. Thank goodness I never needed any but I was scared with my first baby. The pain was pretty earth shattering and the whole experience was pretty intense. 

However, after my first child's birth I really didn't feel the need to be at the hospital, especially when having natural birth. I have always wanted to go to a birthing center but we don't have one in our city and my hubby isn't too happy about home birth:( BOOOO!!!! 

I'm a nurse and I work in the hospital. I always have. I have a lot of respect for our jobs in health care but when it comes to natural anything, I'm not sure the hospital is the best place to be. By default, at the hospital, they want to give you an IV and try to offer you pain medication and that's wonderful for people who want that but for people who are having natural birth it's more of a hassle in my opinion. 

Ginger, my second child was born exactly 2 hours  from my very first twinge of a contraction.  So by the time I got to the hospital I was already about ready to start pushing and every time I have barely, and I mean barely, made it into a bed before my babies come flying out. 
I'm always that crazed lady screaming and pushing as they wheel me down the hall in a wheelchair. In fact the nurses delivered Ginger because the doctor couldn't get there fast enough. 

My whole point is, I have never found the hospital a particularly comfy place to be and maybe it's because I work there. In fact, I typically cannot get out of there fast enough. I'm the mom who doesn't let them take the baby out of the room so it's not really a "rest" period for me. I am usually in such a big rush to get out of there that I never put a lot of thought into what to pack and what might make the experience better but maybe I should! 

So here goes with my Hospital must haves:

My hospital Must Haves

a good nursing bra, support is key after the baby, especially when your milk is coming in. I'm cheap when it comes to these. You can but 100% cotton ones at Wal-Mart for $10 bucks. I have about 4. 
a few good headbands. I need my hair out of my face, especially when laboring and caring for a tiny newborn. I always see these photos of mom's right after giving birth with their hair down and flowing and I can never understand it!
a good nursing top with easy access. You do not want to be pulling up your shirt to nurse one day after giving birth. Just trust me!
some very, very loose and comfy yoga pants
BOTTLED WATER!!! In between contractions all I can think about is water.
CHAP STICK. The only other thing I want between contractions.
A nursing pillow. A MUST if you plan to breast feed comfortably, specially right after giving birth when your back and lady parts are hurting.
Burt's Bees diaper ointment. I love this stuff. It's expensive so I only buy it and use it when the babes are really tiny but it is so much nicer on their skin than a generic diaper creme.

Goals to accomplish before Baby #3 Arrives:

Pack my hospital bag and find my breast pump (requires digging out of some closet somewhere?)

Clean the living daylights out of my bathroom. It needs to pretty much be sterile for when I get home with the new baby. I'm pretty sure I'll have to get on my hands and knees for this one.

Clean up the nursery a little bit. The baby will sleep with me in my room for a while but at the moment all of us rotate beds several times in any given day so the sheets need to washed int the crib and the queen bed that are in the nursery and it just needs to be picked up and vacuumed. 

Cook a couple of large freezable meals to prepare for the newborn madness phase when you can't get anything done, especially cooking.

Do one last thorough clean on the toddlers rooms including washing and changing their sheets.

I am trying REALLY hard at this point to never have more than 1 or 2 loads of laundry to do at a time. At this stage keeping up to date on everything is KEY!!!!!!

Get our double BOB stroller taken in to be fully repaired. New tires and a nice tune up so that I can hit the road with my 3 babies ASAP!!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO GET BACK INTO SHAPE!!!!

Wash all my baby carriers as they are my only saving grace while carrying for multiple small babies at a time. At least 1 of the 3 needs to be strapped to me at all times. I have about 5 different carriers but they have been in boxes and need a good scrubbing! 

I suppose that's about it!!! 
Well, wish me luck!!! I guess I better hurry up and get started because this is kind of daunting considering I Have about 4 weeks if I'm lucky to accomplish all this and everything else around here on a daily basis.

But I have faith......I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

What did I leave out?

By the way, I'm giving away a Kitchen Aid Mixer. You can enter { HERE }. Winner announced on Valentine's Day!

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