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My Food Revolution...

Posted Apr 27 2011 12:44pm
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Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
 I can't put it down so far, it's about a runner during World War II
I know you've all heard of Jamie Olivers Food Revolution. I'm a big fan and have been since it first aired a year or two ago. Boy #2 is so fascinated by the whole thing, he begs me to sit and watch it with him. I have to say, I have changed a lot of the things I buy since tuning in.

A few months ago I started couponing. One thing I quickly learned is that there are always a TON of coupons for processed foods like nuggets, pizza, tornadoes (a.k.a.  taquitos on crack!!), cheddar dipped pretzels, streusels and on and on. No joke, I think I gained 5 pounds in the first two weeks because of all the junk that I wouldn't normally buy, in the name of 'saving money'. I had to lay the smack down on that and start using only coupons for healthier items even if it costs me a little more money in the end.
Several years ago I bought Jessica Seinfeld's book Deceptively Delicious and loved it, but like many others, I too agree we should show our kids the veggies. When I bought the book my 1st and 3rd graders panicked, stole it, ran upstairs and locked their door. They read every single page so they would know exactly what I was sneaking into their meals. :) To this day, they're still suspitious of what I place in front of them.
Yesterday's lean and green meal. Salad w/ egg whites and veggie sausages. YUM!
Watching the kids on Jamie Oliver's show, not know the names of such basic fruits and vegetables is terribly sad. I would hate for my kids to be so clueless, and maybe they are a bit...I can definitely do better.

Speaking of teaching our kids how to be healthy, this morning I was reading blogs in such a rush, I forgot to make Boy #2's lunch. As he got out at the bus stop I threw him $3 and said "so sorry you have to eat school lunch today!" Not only that, as I type this Little Mama is sitting on the couch with a throw up bowl & stomach pains from all the Easter candy she apparently ate in the wee hours of the morning. :/ Poor girl. That darn Easter Bunny needs to get with the program! Not too mention, my morning workout has been thrown off...I guess paybacks are a 'B'!!

What are you currently reading??

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