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My first restorative yoga class – YogaVibes Post-Workout Hips, Yoga for Athletes

Posted Oct 22 2012 6:22am

I realized I needed some white wine vinegar for my fish tacos last night so I decided to multitask and get a little workout in. I jogged 1.3 miles at an 8:45 pace to the store and back. My hips and piriformis muscles were feeling really tight so I decided to turn to YogaVibes and the Post-Workout Hips, Yoga for Athletes Short Practice . The video seemed like it started and ended abruptly because you started the video with the other students already in a pose and you skip a formal shavasana but overall I really liked the class.

During the class I was thinking, “This feels great! It’s forcing me to stretch and really focus on my muscles after my jog.” I was curious to what type of yoga it was considered and when I finished the class I saw that it was restorative yoga.  I didn’t know what restorative yoga was exactly.  I found an article on  that describes it as the “desserts table” of yoga and it definitely felt like that.  Restorative yoga’s goal is to leave you feeling well rested and nourished by allowing you to linger in poses and getting your mind to be clear.

I am glad YogaVibes introduced me to this practice because it is one I plan on incorporating in my workouts to help me become more relaxed and loosen up my muscles after a workout.  I’ll probably need another restorative yoga session after this week because our first Healthworks Workplace Warrior Challenge workout is tonight!  I can’t wait to meet our trainer, get our butts kicked and check out the fancy gym!  I found out our trainer Heidi is also a certified yoga teacher.  Heidi would definitely appreciate my new found love for yoga and also my cool t-shirt I got in the mail from MyYogaOnline for doing the review on their website!

Have you done restorative yoga before?

I am so excited to try a class in a studio now!  Though…I am a bit afraid of falling asleep in class!

What is a workout you use to relax and clear your mind?

Yoga and running are my favorite ways to relax.

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