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My First Race

Posted Aug 15 2010 8:45am

This morning was my first race. It was just a 5k, but it’s still important.
I started off the morning with a big glass of water, a banana, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, and enough time to digest that water before the race, if you know what I’m sayin hehe.

My cat was trying to drink my water and I wouldn’t let him, so when I picked up the glass to drink, he started headbutting it. I think he was trying to get the water out of the bottom haha. Here’s my view of the situation.

That cat is so wierd. It cracks me up.

So then it was race time. I was so nervous. I had three nightmares about the race last night. I had one that it rained the whole time, one that I got lost on the course, and one that I got there late and they wouldn’t let me run. My subconscious has been nervous too, if you can’t tell.

It’s silly, because I know that this is a distance I can run. But I haven’t run a race before. And I run slow and I don’t want them to get mad at me for being so slow.

So I’m on my way to the race, and I’ve given myself plenty of time, when I get to this sign….

Crap. The road I need to take to get to the race is closed. Haha.
So I went another way, and then ended up hitting another section poof the road that was closed. I started to panic. I didn’t allow THIS much extra time. Geez. I finally found my way and got there with 15 minutes to spare.
I got my bib.

My chip.

And my Large t-shirt. I asked for a Medium when I signed up, but they must think I like to rock the moo-moo because they gave me a massive t-shirt. Oh well, I’ll give it to Stanton.

I dropped off the shirt in my car and decided to put my car key in my bra for safe keeping. Then I hit the little girls room one last time before the race started. The line was long and people were taking forever in there. So annoying. By the time I got out, I saw the runners already running. Oops. Crap. Haha. I quickly ran over and crossed the start line after everyone was already gone haha. Is that kosher? I have no idea. What can you do, though?

Thank goodness they had walkers. Nobody could get mad at how slow I was. I really think that running with all those people helped a lot. I ran the entire first mile, walked a bit in my second, and walk-jogged my third mile. My test run on Weds was 50 mins, so expected to finish around that time. I actually finished in 43 minutes and some change. For me, that was great. Still slow in the grand scheme of the world, but I’ll get faster :)

At one point, a 5-yr-old carrying a balloon started bolting past me so I had to pick up the pace for a while to make myself feel better. By then end of the race, I saw her on her dad’s shoulders, so I felt a little silly about trying to beat the 5-yr-old, but whatever. Lol

After the race, I grabbed an apple and cooled off. Panera provided SO MUCH FOOD. Bagels, sandwiches, danishes and sweets. It was so naughty. Had I run the 10k, I would have indulged, but I didn’t feel that the 5k deserved a danish haha.

And that’s the story of my first race. I can’t believe it’s over. But at the same time, I’m ready to crawl back in bed and get another hour or 2 of sleep.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!

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