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My First Core Fusion Barre Class with Katelyn Barker at Exhale Spa

Posted Dec 05 2012 6:40am

Now that my friend Sam and I weren’t going to Healthworks almost every day of the week for our Workplace Warrior Challenge , we needed to get our act together and start working out.  We both have been dying to try a barre class and our newly purchased Gilt deal for 3 classes at  Exhale Spa  gave us our chance!

We heard that barre is intense, so we made sure to attend the Core Fusion Barre basics before we attempted any regular class.  But to be honest, Sam and I had no idea what this class really was about.  The Exhale website describes it as a class that “combines core work with Pilates, yoga, ballet and dance principles to stretch, tone, and lengthen muscles like never before”.  I have been falling in love with yoga and Pilates and have always wished I was as graceful as a ballerina, so this seemed like a class I would love.

The instructor Katelyn, who everyone called Katie, was great.  She noticed right away that Sam and I were new students, introduced herself and asked if we had any injuries.  Before the class started, she suggested that the newbies go to the front of the class when we start at the bar.  This made it easier for her to show us how to properly do the move and if you couldn’t get it, she would physically help get you there.  I remember back to my A Good Instructor Cares  post and Katie was doing everything I looked for in an instructor!  She even posed with me and Sam so I could blog-o-fy her!  That’s bonus points!

The class started with a good warm up and quickly went to some intense strength.  I think the first move was up at the bar where you do a plie type move that I just want to call ballerina squats-so I will!  The ballerina squats had both Sam and my legs shaking uncontrollably!  I just wanted to start singing, “Ripped shorts, quads were burning!!!” (lyrics from our Healthworks Workplace Warrior video entry ).  But I refrained-good thing too-I’m very tone deaf.

Another good thing is that when we entered the class, we had mentioned we were newbies.  A regular to the class had politely suggested that we take the lightest weights if we weren’t sure.  I didn’t doubt that I should-I took the 1 pound weights and was glad I did!  My arms were burning and felt like they were going to fall off.  But I was ecstatic because feeling the burn means I was changing my body.  Katie kept reminding us, “It’s OK to shake because that means you are working towards changing your body.”  Her saying that actually helped a lot for me to mentally power through some of these tough moves.

The following sequences were all key to strengthening your hips and core which will help with injury prevention.  This class will be the key to me working my way to the toned, strong body that I want!  It was tough but went by fast.

After class, Sam and I realized how much strength we have already lost by not having the luxury of all the Healthworks fitness classes.  We left the class excited to come back next week to keep up our fitness level.  It probably also helps that we may have made a pact to get some Anna’s Taqueria after too…but we will keep that our little secret!  Though, I already failed at that secret because I already told Dave and he asked, “Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the workout?”  I looked at him sternly and said, “NO!”

Oh-I also wanted to mention that before we left Exhale Spa, I couldn’t resist purchasing another Sparkly Soul headband !  My pink Sparkly Soul headband  that I got at Namasday is getting a lot of use, so I thought it might be nice to have two and be able to alternate!


Have you ever tried a barre class? A core fusion barre class? What are your thoughts?

I LOVED IT!!! I am excited to go to my 2 other Exhale Spa classes and I can’t wait to try the C2Pilates classes from a Bloomspot deal I got!

Do you like fitness classes or working out on your own?

I used to prefer running on my own or with my running club friends.  Now I’ve grown to absolutely LOVE going to classes.  I always learn something new, meet someone new, or push myself in a new way.  I also love that it is a way to bond with a friend and an excuse to get food after!

How do you keep your hair back?

A simple black hair elastic and my Sparkly Soul headbands!!

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