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My Favorite Yoga Videos

Posted Apr 26 2014 8:11am
 GREEN!  I know there are places where it is green all the time, but it isn't here, in fact I think it is only green from April to the end of June, into July sometimes if we are lucky so when it is green I really appreciate it and can't get enough.  So beautiful. A sight for sore eyes as I said the other day and my daughter promptly worried about getting sore eyes from looking at it.

I have been very busy in my flower gardens planting new flowers and bulbs, as someone I met recently put it, I live in "little Siberia" it takes longer for the trees to leaf out and the flowers to bloom up here. It is more likely to snow here in the spring when it is raining all around us.  The price we pay for having the best sunsets and sunrises.

I went to a follow up appointment for my foot yesterday and got just what I expected... nothing but a referral.  Next appointment is Tuesday.

 Since I have no running news lets talk yoga. My favorite yoga videos right now
Colleen Saidman's yoga for Weight Loss.  It has three 20 minute segments. Do one or two or all three depending on how much time you have.  I love them because she is so great for beginners, she explains the movements well and when I am done with the video my whole body feels well stretched.

Cardio burn yoga. This video has a 30 minute and a 50 minute segment.  It took me awhile to like this one, Honestly I didn't get past the 4 minute warm up the first time I attempted it.  It flows really well and each new flow builds on the previous flow until at the end you have one long flow and just feels good.

Zuzka Power Yoga Series.  She has two yoga DVDs out and you can pick and choose which segments to do.  She isn't always super clear in her instructions, but after the first time of doing the video it didn't seem to matter.  I love her power yoga because you not only get in a good stretch, but it is also a very hard full body workout that leaves me sweaty and happy, although she doesn't always hold moves as long as I would like.
YogaFit's Full Body Blast, this video has four segments: full body, upper body, core, and lower body.  The segment vary from 13 to 26 minutes. I usually do 2 segments at a time. The instructors are easy to follow and I find it a good stretch as well as a good workout although not as intense as Zuzka's.

Hatha and Flow Yoga for Beginners, this is great for those mornings when I am slow to wake up.  The movements are all slow and especially in the first segment are held for 5 to 8 breaths.  I don't know why but I have a hard time with a male yoga instructor so it took me longer to warm up to this video, but I am really starting to enjoy it.  I think part of taking longer to like this video was learning to appreciate holding poses for so long.

Runner's World also has some just for runners that I have done a couple of times as well.  I think they are very well done and are all about 22 minutes.

Okay and if I had to rank them.. this is hard...kind of depends on my mood that day.. but based on my mood right now.

  1. Colleen Saidman's Yoga for Weight Loss.  I love the short segment and variety of moves
  2. YogaFit Full Body Blast
  3. Zuzka 2 
  4. Zuzka 1
  5. Runner's World Yoga
  6. Cardio Burn with Patricia Moreno
  7. Hatha and Flow
Do you do Yoga?  Tell me what your favorites are if you do.

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