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My dragon loving son is in creat ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:00am
My dragon loving son is in creative mode tonight. He's finally working on a school project that is right up his alley. The bane of his 5th grade existence has been the monthly book report on a certain genre of books. The very first book report was on realistic fiction, which he loathes....for no better reason than he's never read any realistic fiction. In his immature 5th grade brain, if it's realistic--it's boring and he doesn't want to read it. He had us snowed that he was actually reading the book at school, but the night before the report was due, he came clean and said he hasn't been reading a book and he's not going to. A brazen battle of wills ensued and we won. He was going to select a realistic fiction book, read it, and have the report generated on the weekend before his birthday celebration, which I told him would not happen if he failed to this report that everyone else in his class did. I was having a very hard time trying to convince him that everything you do in school will be mostly boring, but try to sustain yourself during the boring work and look forward to the things you do like doing. Just get it done!!

The last few months of the book report haven't been too bad since he's been reading genres that interest him. This months report was to be more creative and fun. They had to choose a myth, folktale, or legend and create a puppet show acting out the story. This one was real easy for him...he chose the Legend of Lamton Knucker which is straight from his beloved Dragonology Book. He has a whole month to do these projects, but I don't know how the kids can do any advance work on these projects as they are inundated with a nightly mound of math, spelling, etc. In typical procrastinating fashion, my son waited to the near bitter end to work on this project. I've been creative assistant today, gathering and purchasing the materials necessary to make his puppet show. He started working on it right after dinner and here it is almost 9:30 and he's still working on it. At one point, I muttered some weak encouragement for him to hurry it along so he'd have time for the math and spelling, but dammit...he was finally enjoying a school project and putting every ounce of his creative energy into it. I can't believe how elaborately he drew the characters of the legend. My husband has been on cut-out detail, cutting out the cardboard figures. My son is jumping around finally enjoying his school work. So, screw the math for tonight. At least he'll get a excellent grade on this and for one night he is not tortured with the never ending tedium of multiplication.
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