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My Black Friday Purchase – Banana Republic Beaded Flower Headband

Posted Nov 24 2012 4:52pm

Dave and I ended up going shopping Black Friday but later in the afternoon.  We didn’t go crazy but we did both make a purchase.  Dave ended up getting a nice sweater at Banana Republic for 40% off and while we were waiting in line I spotted a beaded flower headband  that was also 40% off!  Banana usually has deals like this every so often so I wasn’t blown away by it, but I was a little giddy!

I am excited to wear it to some holiday parties we have coming up or just to work to dress up my hair!  I am wearing it tonight when I head to a dinner date with my friend Denise and her husband Mike. Denise was my running friend crushes when I first joined the Cambridge Running Club.

I still remember the first time we met.  Denise and I were both at one of my first track practices at the Harvard track.  I lived in the Back Bay area and she lived in Beacon HIll so she offered to give me a ride so that I didn’t have to walk a ways to the T and then transfer trains to get home.  Denise is so nice, bubbly, and loves to eat, so I immediately grew to love her.  She admitted to me that she thought, “Holy cow, that girl is fast, I need to run with her!”  I am flattered she thought that and glad that my speed convinced her to be my friend! :)

Denise actually just started up her own blog called Fit4Foodie .  Now that I’m injured and can’t run long distances like her, I can bond with her over blogging and go one some blog dates!  I’m sure we can convince our friend Kristina over at Appetite for Instruction to come with us too!


Did you buy anything on Black Friday?

Just some coffee and this headband!

Do you wear hair accessories?

I usually am boring and just wear my hair down and straight because that is the easiest!  I’m trying to do some different things now.  I am going to try a cool new hair curling technique soon!

Do you ever have friend crushes?

Yes-Heidi-you are my new friend/workout buddy crush!  I wish you could kick my butt at the gym every week still!  I miss Healthworks and the Workplace Warrior Challenge terribly!  And I may try to convince you to hang out with me and the girls out of a Healthworks environment too :)  CELEBRATION DRINKS!!!

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