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My Big Catch and Big News!

Posted May 23 2011 12:00am
It was a beautiful weekend and I have so much to talk about! It was a great weekend of time with my hubby, running, good food and fabulous weather.

Friday night as soon as we got home from work we loaded up the tackle box and hit up our favorite fishing spot for the first casts of the season. Fishing is one of my favorite ways to spend time with Kevin. It is so relaxing to be out in nature and while we are waiting for the fish to bite we always have great conversations. I love my hubby!

We also made a bet that the first person to catch a fish didn't have to clean the disgusting sink of stinky dishes that have been piling up over the week. I really didn't want to do those dishes...
BAM! First catch of the year. A little striped bass for me that jumped on my line just off shore.
We ended up not catching anything else the rest of the evening, but went back out Saturday afternoon since Kevin was pretty sad about getting skunked - and having to do those dishes Saturday morning. He did finally end up with his first catch of the year...
A half a dead clam! Seriously this guy is way too good about catching dead things. A couple years ago he reeled in this stinky pile of fish bones:
It's like a dead fish you see in cartoons...just a head and bones attached. The best/weirdest part is he hooked it through the mouth!
Saturday after we got home from fishing I set out on my long run. I had 7-8 miles on the agenda this weekend so I took the opportunity to do my favorite hilly river valley loop. I ran the loop in the opposite direction thinking maybe the hills would not be as brutal, but they are a very good workout in either direction. I left at about 5:00pm and it was a lovely 75 degrees and pretty humid. I know 5:00 is not an ideal time to run, but I am not quite a morning person and feel much better in the afternoon. (I was also running in between thunderstorms that had been popping up all day.)
I tried a new GU flavor at about 45 minutes in - Lemon Sublime. I had grabbed this at the Green Bay 1/2 but kept it to try at a different time. I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted really good. A bit like a lemon pie. Still not as good as my favorite Strawberry Banana, but I would definitely have it again during a long run!
I finished in about 1:26 and did a bunch of stretching for a cool down. I mapped out my run (I so need a Garmin!) to be about 7.75  miles so I ran just about 11:00 miles. Not too bad with all those hills in there!
It was pretty funny the thoughts that went through my head on this run. I felt really comfortable around 5 miles and was thinking: "I so have this marathon thing in the bag!" By about mile 7 I was struggling a bit and then I thought "I would still have 19 miles to go! How am I going to do this?"  I just love the mental games of running...
Saturday night, Kev and I went out for some cocktails with our neighbors and sat outside on the patio of a bar in town. It was a really nice night for patio drinking! We got home around 1 am and we were both STARVING! I whipped up these little numbers:
I saw something similar on Gourmet Runner's blog one day: Tortillas with corn, black beans, cheese and salsa. Bacon on Kevin's cause he wanted some meat. Popped them in the microwave for about a minute and they were super yummy! I did manage to cut my finger on the corn can pretty well...I should not cook after midnight I guess!
In other food news I made a delicious BBQ chicken pizza Sunday night on Kim's recommendation. It was so yummy we scarfed it down before I could get a picture. For dessert I made smoothies with strawberry and pineapple. I think Soxie liked it the most:

Lastly, my big news! Kevin and I signed up to do a 5k together! I am so excited and the race we picked is awesome! It is the  Full Moon 5k in Madison on 7/14 and it starts at 9pm. I love night races! I am helping him put together a training plan and hopefully he will stick with it. I was pretty excited when he picked this race and committed to it. I am hoping this is the push he needs to get into running with me, even if its just for shorter distances.
So proud of my hot hubby for signing up for the race!
I hope everyone else had a great weekend! What fun activities did you do?
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