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My Bad Bikram Yoga Boston Experience

Posted Jan 01 2013 12:12pm

I woke up today excited to my 4th class out of the 5 on my LivingSocial deal for Bikram Yoga Boston .

Back to Bikram

I arrived at the studio and signed in.  The woman at the front desk asked if I was paying for a single class and I had said that I had a class left on my LivingSocial deal.  The woman immediately said that it expired.

I knew it was expiring today but told the woman, “I thought I could use one of my last classes on the expiration date?”  Apparently not.  It almost seemed like the woman turned on her “mean mug” which is what Dave and I call a face when someone just looks mean.  I got a little intimidated because I wasn’t giving her attitude, I really just thought I could use the deal today.  She made sure to say for the second time, “No, it expired, but you can pay for a class.”

I left the studio as I was not going to pay for $22 for a drop in class when I felt that I had the right to use my last class.  I was actually really disappointed in Bikram Yoga Boston.  To me, it seemed like what the woman should have done was explain in a nice tone of voice that they unfortunately don’t honor the deal on the day of the expiration.  Sometimes it is just your demeanor that makes a difference.  Or I thought it might even be nice for her to be like, “Hey, we don’t normally honor this deal on the day of the expiration, but it’s New Year’s Day so you can-just don’t let it happen again please.”

I know my coworker loves this studio and goes almost every day, but unfortunately, I don’t think I will be making it back again.  Sometimes a bad experience just rubs you the wrong way and you find someplace else that fits you a little better.


Have you ever had a bad experience someplace and stopped giving them business?

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