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My arms might fall off

Posted Jun 27 2013 12:44am

Welcome inside of my head after being at the beach for 8 hours on the day you’re supposed to have off. I’m apologizing in advance.

1) You know those times when you have a million things that you should do but for some reason you just can’t make yourself do it? Yea. My parents have been telling me for two weeks now to put in a work order for our dinghy motor. Do you think I could find five minutes to do that? Nope.

2) unfortunately, not putting in the work order for the dinghy last week came back to bite me in the ass. Carrie came over Monday to paddleboard with me but it wasn’t that simple. We had to carry the boards to the yacht club from my friend’s house (that took 2 trips) and then row the dinghy over to the yacht club from the marina to tow the boards back to my boat (about 1.5 miles total). Basically by the end of it I wasn’t sure I would be able to lift my burger. You win, mom. Lesson learned.

we had the launch tow it back in for us

we had the launch tow it back in for us

3) Finishing a book. I got really into the new Sarah Dessen book (The moon and More- read it) and slacked off on the other book I was in the middle of reading. I don’t really enjoy reading book reviews which is why I don’t really write them even though I probably finish an average of 3-4 books a week. I finally finished Obsessed by Mika Brzezinski about America’s obsession with food and her own personal journey of overcoming the binge-exercise compulsion disorder. I would highly recommend this book.

4) I need to be more social. I get out of work at 5 and am on the boat for the night by 6. Carrie and I both had the day off Monday and we had an absolute blast paddleboarding. Obviously we bonded over the usual topics- blogging, food, boys, summer, everything under the sun. We also discovered we’re both incredibly fast eaters over dinner at Crazy Burger . The waitress was actually shocked by how quickly we cleaned our plates. We got cookies to go before we went to get ice cream. (Note: these were all consumed in the same night. Carrie actually ate her cookie while walking to get ice cream). I think I’ve finally met my match.

1057300_10200287871142528_2104775355_n 1061010_10200287872422560_1404781816_n 1058394_10200287980425260_841331895_n

5) I always use my days off to go shopping. I don’t know why because every time I go I’m reminded how much I dislike it. When I was in Boston with my mom last weekend, we spent the day walking up and down Newbury Street. We went into Nordstrom (my favorite store), and I went straight for the running clothes. I cannot stand trying on clothes and picking through things. The same thing happened on Monday. And probably today. 90% of the time I walk out with nothing. I’d rather just walk around.

6) Stop and Shop ran out of marshmallows. I was really craving them this week. Sucks.



7) My sunglasses broke. And my pearl earrings that I got for my 21st birthday. And the backup battery for my phone. It’s been one of those weeks. Lucky number 7? Please let that lifetime warranty cover everything.

8) my pro compression giveaway is still happening! You have until monday to enter and I will announce the winner Tuesday!

9) some of my favorite dock boys are back which means the pranking is in full force. Last year I sold one of their cars on Craig’s list and they gave me a fake parking ticket. This year I need to go even bigger. Help meeee!


What’s your thursday tangent?
favorite prank?

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