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My 28-mile training run

Posted Jan 15 2009 11:45pm

...I typed that title, and laughed. It was not too long ago when a marathon was my Holy Grail, and running any farther than that not only was a laughable concept, but irrelevant. What would be the point? Now I find myself, Hamlet like, unable to make a decision about the Twin Peaks Ultra: run 50 miles, or 50 kilometers (31 miles)? Ah, the choices life forces us to make -- like whether to listen to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" or "Animals," or choose between Kate Winslet or Naomi Watts to exchange line readings (and, uh, other stuff) with, or whether to douse lima beans with Tapatio or Cholula sauce, or -- stop me! Anyway, on Saturday Jan. 20th, I ran with several of my soulmates in OC Trail Runners up the Holy Jim and the Upper Holy Jim trails, across the Main Divide, down the Joplin Trail, across the Santiago Truck Trial, down the Modjeska Grade, across Live Oak Canyon, through a portion of O'Neill Park and to the Albertson's where Santa Margarita Parkway dead-ends in RSM.


I did it: my second ultra-distance run. Twin Peaks will mark my first ultra-distance race. Is there a diff? Methinks there is, alas. My competitive juices kick in at races, and that sucks: That's what spelled my doom at the 18-miler I did a few months back in Malibu, though heat played a big factor, too. Anyway, I will try to chill out and pull a Nattie, who is one of my heroes. She runs insanely long distances but takes her time, and always seems to have a smile on her face. I admire many of my runner friends. Marisa is awesome company (and it's not just her accent), Skip is a gas, Charlie is the human equivalent of a quadruple shot of espresso, Eric just makes me jealous because he's so good and the ladies love him, Kim has those awesome ponytails, and Keira is -- well -- Keira. She ran the other day after having the stomach flu for four days and almost nothing in her stomach. That's just beautiful. She is beautiful. All of you nuts are.
Still, I ponder: 50 miles, or 50 k? Darrell, I trust your advice. And Jessica, well, you're the one I blame for all of this : ) What do you say? Ha.
I'm leaning toward 50 miles, because who knows? I could get hit by a Coors Light van on my way home tonight. And wouldn't that be pathetic? I would prefer, at least, that it be a fine Mexican beer, like Negra Modelo.
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