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My 100th Post!

Posted Jan 08 2011 12:49am

Huu-whaaaaat?!  My Blog hit the 100th post mileage already? Post much? :p 

If you're one of my fabulous bloggie friends and devout readers/commenters, THANK YOU for sharing this special day with me.  You're reading my 100th!  Woohoo!  *clap, clap,clap* 

So as tradition dictates, I am going to post 100 random things about me.  Just in case you want to know. Hee... =)

I invite you to read on as you may discover we might have a lot of things in common...or not.

So here we go!  You ready?  This should be fun!


1.  It's easy for me to forgive.  I'm a bit of a sucker.

2.  I break under pressure.

3.  I have so little patience.

4.  My first crush was Peter Pan.

5.  I don't eat Ampalaya (bitter melon) and liver. Yuck!

6.  I've always wanted to be an Interior Designer.

7.  I want to meet Oprah!

8.  I'm a cryer. Anything can make me well up.

9.  My daughter and my fiance mean the world to me.

10. The one thing I know I'm really good at is dancing.

11.  I absolutely hate wasting time that's why I never procrastinate and I am quite the multi-tasker.

12.  My computer is like an extra limb!

13.  I don't like being idle so I always find stuff to do.

14. I grew up with my grandparents.

15. I love taking photos. Nothing artsy-fartsy. Just love capturing moments whether it be trivial or of some significance.

16. Another obsession: WORDS. I try to learn at least a new one everyday.

17. My catharsis: dancing, blogging, running, and shopping.

18. It's difficult for me to say No to a friend.

19. I was a cheerleader in high school.

20. For breakfast, I only have brewed coffee and oatmeal. Sometimes toast.

21. I can be such a worry wart.

22. My memory sucks. It's difficult for me to remember names, phone numbers, directions, etc.

23. I really hate math and everything else that has something to do with numbers.

24. My only real sport was Ultimate Frisbee and a little tennis. Now, I have running and swimming. Yey!

25. If I was born a boy, my mom would've named me "Christopher Eduard"


26. I love cleaning/organizing/designing my home. I just want it to be the perfect place that my family would want to come home to.

27. I try to learn new things.

28. As a kid I was very naughty.

29. Will bend over backwards for a friend.

30. I gave birth to my daughter in Ohio.  I was only 20 years old.

31. I taught myself to swim. I would go swimming in our clubhouse almost everyday.

32. I started dancing (ballet) when I was only 7.

33. I am a dancer for Manila's premiere dance ensemble, Hotlegs.  Hence, my name. =) 

34. I pray everyday.

35.  I veer away from people who gossip.

36.  I try to surround myself with people who are positive.

37.  I went to the same school from pre-school to college!

38.  I used to have a mole (like Cindy Crawford) but I had it taken out.

39. I am geographically challenged.  I always get lost.

41.  I used to collect bikinis.

42. Our Christmas Tree is up by November 3.

43.  I think HATE is such a strong word. I rarely use it.

44.  My favorite colors are blue, green and PINK.

45.  I'm known to be obsessive compulsive, a multi-tasker, a neat freak, a perfectionist and a very organized person.

46.  Favorite food: Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Thai and Indian.

47. My Favorite American Food:  Ribs!!!

48. My celebrity crushes are Brad Pitt and John Travolta.

49. I used to freak out when my weight is more than 100 lbs. Now I freak out when I weigh more than 105 lbs. That's my limit!

50. I have 2 birthmarks.


51. My blood type is O positive.

52.  I listen to R&B, a little rap, pop, chill out, standards. Practically anything except country music. Sorry! =/

53.  I love to write. I used to be a contributing writer for Smart Parenting and Good Housekeeping magazine in the Philippines. I also wrote the write-ups of all the dancers in our Hotlegs website.

54.  My favorite TV shows are Dr. Oz, Entourage, Weeds, Grey's Anatomy, 24, CSI, ANTM, TAR and Oprah.

55. I have a loud, infectious and somewhat annoying laugh.

56. I love peanut butter. I will eat anything with peanut butter on it.

57.  I love red velvet cake.

58. I was a tomboy when I was a kid. I would climb trees and  skateboard.

59. My favorite scented oils are lavender and eucalyptus.

60. I love to travel.

61. I love making lists. Whether it be about the things I need to do, places I wanna go to, etc. Hence, this 100 things about me list.

62. I hate flying. I really do.

63.  My favorite fruit is the strawberry.  I either dip it in white sugar, whipped cream or condensed milk. Yum!

64. I don't like it when people nag. Being asked or told the same thing more than twice is too much for me and I get sooooo irritated.

65. My day is super planned. If something happens and the schedule is not followed I get so stressed. I am so organized because I don't want to have to deal with stress.

66. I lit my first cigarette when I was only 15 and I stopped smoking in 2003, when I turned 30. But in 2007, I started smoking again. Loser! But then I stopped, totally stopped when i started running. Winner!

67. I love dogs! I own 5 (Shih-Tzu, Sheltie, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua and a Toy Poodle).

68. When asked to do something, I'll be on it in a heartbeat. I can really be efficient.

69. My dream destination: Greece!


71. I want to swim with the dolphins.

72.  I want to try cliff diving.

73.  The one thing I constantly think of: having another child.

74 . My Achilles heel (or heels): My 2 Mikes.

75.  My greatest fear is death.

...YEY! 75 MILES IN!  25 MORE TO GO!...
76.  I own/manage 2 online boutiques. One for dogs and one for women.

77. I love to cook! My mom taught me how to when I was just 10.

78.  I love shrimps and crabs. But I recently became allergic to shrimp. Sucks!

79.  I cannot function without coffee.

80.  My poison: Red wine and Beer.

81.  I read and comment on blogs everyday. It's part of my routine.

82.  I designed my own blog.  And I love to tweak it.  It's become quite an addiction really.

83.  I used to be addicted to Facebook.  But I'm more into Twitter now. 

84.  If I could go back to school, I'd like to take up Interior Design.  It's one of my passions.

85.  I'm usually a happy person, except when I'm PMS-ing.  Stay away! :p

86.  Right now I hope you're still reading this and I am not boring you half to death.

87.  I am a born again Christian.

88.  I wish my legs were longer.

89.  Heck, I wish I was 7 inches taller.

90.  I regret having my haircut short.  I can't believe I did it twice.

91.  I love the beach.

92.  I learned how to drive only when I turned 30.

93.  I love the English and Irish accent.  I think it's sexy.

94.  I used to do make-up for magazine spreads.  Until I left my whole kit in a taxi cab. Stupid!

95.  I love scented candles and air fresheners.

96.  I feel really blessed and I only have our God to thank for that.

97.  I love rainy days.

98.  I look stupid when I wear my blue Snuggie.

99.  RENT is my all-time favorite musical.  Listening to "Seasons of Love" makes me happy.

100.  I wish  that everyday I am able to make people smile, feel better or feel loved through my words and actions.

---FINISH!!!! ---
Whew!  What the hey!  That's a freakin' long list.  And Congratulations!  You're still here!  Thank you for sticking around.  Now, I will have to kill you. LOL!

Allow me to THANK each and everyone of you who have visited my blog.  I'm so grateful, to everyone, who have reached out to me and allowed me to be part of your world!  The friendships I have formed with my blog buddies are as significant and meaningful as those I have formed in my real life.

I am really excited about what the next 100 posts will bring.


30 Days of Thanks (Day 21)
I am thankful for the INTERNET. There was a time when there was absolutely no way to communicate with anybody in another place or country without it costing a lot of money. Or gathering information without going through books and encyclopedias.  Now it's as easy as clicking a mouse!  Being away from home, the internet plays a huge role in keeping in touch with family and friends. I am also thankful for the people I met through it.  The internet is the medium that brought us together.  For good or bad, the internet is truly an essential part of our lives.  That being said, it should be used wisely.

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