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Multisport Day

Posted Jul 16 2012 7:15am

With only 2 more weeks until my first triathlon (!!!), it was time that I put it all together – all 3 sports that is! Marcus and I headed over to Ft. Desoto for the day on Saturday to participate in our first “multisport” day with the rest of our team, XP Multisport!

We were instructed to meet together at noon to head over to the beach. First off – I never have started exercise at noon, especially in the heat of the summer. Our coach, Felipe, mentioned that we would be spending plenty of time in between sports to refuel and hydrate, so the heat shouldn’t be a problem. I had my doubts about this one, but just went along with it. He is incredibly experienced in the world of triathlons, so I figured I would trust his advice. I brought tons of sunblock, fuel, water, and gatorade to keep myself strong for the day. I also ate a pretty good amount before we left, along with keeping myself incredibly well hydrated. You have to be smart in the heat!!

We got to the park, and all got ready for our first sport, swimming. I can only imagine what all of the onlookers were thinking as we made our way out to the water’s edge in out sweet one piece swimsuits, swim caps, and goggles. It wasn’t exactly a normal day at the beach. Felipe demonstrated how to both enter and exit the water in a triathlon, so we went ahead and practiced it as we started the swim. It was a bit strange feeling, but we all got the hang of it. Once we were swimming, we went south for 15 minutes, then turned around to start the trek back. I was able to swim the whole time without breaks, so I felt pretty good about it. It was first open water swim, and was definitely an experience! I am excited to get in some more open water swims!

After our swim, we were ready for the bike portion of our day!

We all rehydrated, fueled back up, and then headed out on the road. We set out to do 40k (approx. 38 miles), but the weather was definitely not on our side! Look at those nasty skies!

We were able to get in 20 miles of 5 miles easy x 5 miles hard before we had to stop riding. Once the rain starts, the roads get incredibly slick, which is very dangerous for riders. The extra mileage is just not worth the danger caused by reckless drivers and slippery roads! With the unplanned weather break, we all gathered for a quick transition clinic. Felipe gave us a quick demo, and then had all of us give it a shot. Saying I was bad would be a nice way to say it – I was terrible! It is incredibly hard to have your bike shoes already clipped into your clips, and then try to mount the bike while running. I was able to somewhat get it by the end, but I have a lot of practice to do!!

After our transitions, we headed out for the running portion since it looked like the clouds we staying pretty far south. We ended up doing a pretty easy run, with everyone at different paces/goals. I held my 7:50-8:00 minute pace, as that is my goal for the marathon. I really do not need to be pushing myself too hard during these multisport days on the run – mainly because I know I can run well, and the speed will hurt my training later in the week if I try to go too fast. The run was definitely no big deal, and I was even able to take my water bottle with me too! I was glad I had it because I was definitely hot! After our run, we were ready for the best part of the day… grill time!!

The park has grills that are free for public use, so we definitely took advantage! My friend Jess brought the burgers and hot dogs, and everyone else brought side items. The burgers were so, so awesome! Many thanks to our amazing grill masters!

We didn’t stick around too long after eating – we were exhausted! We got home close to 9pm, so we had an incredibly full day in the sun – not to mention we put in some pretty good mileage while we were there! Marcus and I had a great time at our first multisport day! I might even say we are looking forward to the next one!

Have you ever participated in a multiport day? What did you think? What about open water swims? Love ‘em or hate ‘em?


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