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Mountain Drives

Posted Oct 10 2012 11:25pm

My life has basically been eating me a live. Not even kidding. I have no life. I work. I study. I go to class. I study. I read textbooks. I sometimes sleep. I usually remember to eat. Oh, and did I mention I go to work…a lot. And I don’t even like it there.

I’m not exaggerating for pity, trust me. For example…

This past weekend we did some schedule finagling so that both Chris and I had three days off work together. Three whole days. No work. No nothing. Our big plan was to go somewhere to go mountain biking. Some place cool like Moab or Crested Butte. We went to neither. We stayed home, all weekend long.

I literally spent the vast majority of three freaking days at my desk studying and finishing up assignments. Oh, and watching Gossip Girl in the background – damn you Netflix for finally getting new episodes of brain rotting shows when I have things that need to be done!

We left the house to buy groceries, get the mail and take a drive through the mountains just so we could say we did something. Which kind of backfired considering I just admitted to all of the uncool stuff we did! But we were cool enough to strap our GoPro to the top of Chris’s car on our drive over Guanella Pass!

IMAG1801 100_6603
…a beautiful, clear blue day!

We had no specific place in mind when we left the house but I knew I’d seen signs that make it look like back mountain roads would take me from one main highway to another so we went exploring. This is what we found…

Pretty cool, right? Would have been even prettier a week earlier in the season, but hey, I’ll take what I can get out of this life sucking schedule of mine!

We set the GoPro up to time lapse by taking one photo every second. We ended up with thousands of photos but crammed together into video format it turned out pretty neat! Far less vomit worthy than the Color Me Rad footage! Am I the only one that gets nauseous watching shaking videos? 

But the highlight of my day? I finally have photographic evidence of my favorite part of any drive into or out of the mountains…


We usually drive up/down I-70, which is the main road you see headed straight forward in the photo and I love this rolling hill we drive over. On the way into the mountains you get a gorgeous view of the far off peaks. On the drive home you can see the peaks perfectly in your rearview mirror. Love, love, love this part of the drive and this was the first time we pulled off to take a photo!

Since I’d already been impulsive and taken the exit we decided to finish off our meandering drive with a trip up and over Lookout Mountain. I wanted to show Chris where I went rock climbing with Apex Ex and it turned out to be a very scenic drive! On the east side of the slope all of the trees were covered in icy frost that was in the process of melting off – it made it sound like rain falling in the forest, but the road was perfectly dry. It was beautiful!


We also had awesome views of Denver on a haze free day but no photos were taken. There were cyclists all over the place and no where to pull off for the photo. That is one huge draw back of a drive over Lookout Mountain – a gajillion people biking up and down the narrow, windy mountain road! If we ever do this drive again {ahem, Momica…} we will make sure to start on I-70 and head toward Golden for the sake of avoiding the cyclists climbing the mountain road!

So, there you have it. The fun and excitement of our little excursion on our big weekend off. Honestly, it turned out to be a perfect weekend. I even made some time to bake cookies – my excuse was to help heat the apartment, but it ended up being incredibly relaxing. Plus, the drive through the mountains made me realize what I’m dealing with the headaches of work…to live where I live and to maybe someday live in the amazing mountains that I hope to never stop loving!

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