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Motivate Me Monday {Tiffany's Story}

Posted Dec 12 2011 3:01am

I'm really excited about today's Motivate Me Monday guest. Her name is Tiffany and I met her about five years ago when I moved into her neighborhood. I'm not gonna lie, the first time I saw her I thought, "Oh great, another hot mom!" Tiffany is pretty shy, and that combined with her looks, made for a bad first impression to this once insecure stay at home mom. Don't laugh, it's true, so hear me when I say...don't judge a book by it's cover, Tiffany couldn't be sweeter and she is far too humble. I pretty much had to beg her to do this. Thanks so much Tiffany, as I've said to you before, you are my 'fitness idol'.

     I was so flattered when Jessica asked me to post on her  blog. I was really hesitant to post, just because I feel like there are so many amazing people out there and I am such your  average  Joe.  So I guess in turn that is why I ended up writing because I am your average, everyday, person. I am a wife of almost seventeen years, a mom to 3, a hairstylist and a Body Pump Instructor.

     I wouldn’t say that I have always been into fitness, but I always knew that fitness was important. I think I started running after I got married nothing major just a couple miles here and there. Then after I had my second child is when I really got into running.  I bought a treadmill and used it every day, (and not just for a clothes rack) I used even used it the day I gave birth to my third. I am someone who really doesn’t mind a treadmill. I can get up early or use it late and never do I worry about my safety.(I am a chicken runner) After I had my third my friend talked me into working out with a trainer which is the best thing I have done. It taught me the love of weight training and boot camp style training. It taught me how important it was to add all this into my running world.
London's Run
     After my trainer had moved I decided to hit the gym. I would go do classes at the gym and really fell in love with a lot of the Les Mills programs. I would take Body Pump, which is a weight lifting class and I took it faithfully for years. I always thought that I could teach that class but never had the confidence to do it. Until one of my gym friends asked if I wanted to take the training with her. So In March 2011 I went through Body Pump training and got certified. I love Body Pump for the same reason I loved working with a trainer. I love feeling STRONG!!!

Pat's Run 2011
Races: The first  5K I ran was just after I had my second child. I loved trying to beat my time from the year before. I love to compete against myself. J So after years of doing that, I wanted a little more and signed up for a 10K. I did that a couple times and pushed it to the next level. I signed up for my first Half Marathon in November 2010 and did two more after that. I really had the desire to try a full.  In October of 2011 I ran my first full Marathon. I ran the St. George Marathon in St. George, Utah.

It really is amazing to see how far you can push your body. I have learned we just have to turn off our minds and let our body do what they do. Your body can do it! It is a lot of hard work, but it really is worth it. I remember at mile 22 I said I would never do another Marathon, that one was good enough. As soon as I crossed the finish line all the pain was instantly gone and I knew I would do another one. There is something about finishing something you have worked so hard for that feels so good when you cross that line.  I love the feeling of being able to do hard things, things that at one time in my life seemed so far away or so far out there.  So yes,  I will run another Marathon. You know it!! June 9, 2012 Utah Valley here we come!!! Do I have any other fitness goals? Do I dare put this out there for the world to see? I didn’t think I had a bucket list, but maybe I do. Half Ironman Oceanside Ca March 2013. I don’t swim so I guess I will learn, because I CAN!

     Advice for someone doing their first long distance race: Find a training schedule you like and stick to it. I love Jeff Galloway. His training is so much less grueling then other. It might be longer, but you can still have a life with this one. I would do my normal weekday stuff and just follow the long run schedule. Tell yourself you can do it. Even if you hit the wall, trust me I did. You have to keep telling yourself you can do this!!  I love the way that running and weight training have made me feel. I don’t know if it always shows in my everyday life or in the things I wear. I know how I feel inside and I love the feeling of being healthy and athletic.

*Note to all you readers be sure to wear glasses for better finish line photos. :)

Tiffany doesn't have a public blog, so go ahead and leave her a comment here. Thanks again Tiffany!!
*For anyone interested in sharing your motivational weight loss or fitness/health journey with us, email me at
Have a fabulous Monday!!

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