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More Christopher McDougall

Posted Jul 23 2011 11:17am
I thought Christoper McDougall's best work was Born to Run ... but I might have spoken too soon. He did a TED talk last July that was finally published a few months ago (and if you haven't seen TED yet, you should*).

Watch the first 2 and a half minutes of McDougall's talk, and tell me you're not hooked.

My personal favorite quote (and it was difficult to pick just one, because there were several gems)
We think Usain Bolt is fast?
Usain Bolt can get his ass kicked by a squirrel.

Even if you are not sold on barefoot running (and I'm not), the video is fun to watch.

*What's TED?
TED is a nonprofit dedicated to "ideas worth spreading" (for free). TED serves as (in their words) "a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the world's most inspired thinkers, and also a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other." My take on it is that TED videos truly are amazing, thought-provoking, and inspirational, and cover such a wide variety of topics that there is something to catch the eye of almost anyone. I've used clips to improve my own knowledge, as a resource in my classroom, and for personal inspiration.

For the original McDougall video, please see:
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