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Monday Things {9-17-2012}

Posted Sep 17 2012 8:22am

1. Friday night I made a shocking discovery. Cooking asparagus in earth balance is sooo much better than cooking it in olive oil. I have no idea why it took me so long to figure this out but let me tell you the asparagus was the highlight of my dinner.

2. After dinner on Friday, Ian and I met Kelsey , Katie , and Kim for some drinks before going to see Kelsey’s boyfriend’s show at Second City. It was so nice to see Kelsey and Katie and I was glad to finally meet Kim. The show was also really funny, I just wish it hadn’t started past my bedtime. Ian and I got home around midnight and promptly passed out #oldpeopleproblems.

3. After sleeping in until 8:45 on Saturday (who am I?) I headed out for a short recovery run. When I got home, I made what I’d been craving all week but hadn’t had enough time to throw together, hot oats! I made them the usual way but also stirred in some chocolate pb2 and added a little fig jam and peanut butter on top. It was a perfect Saturday breakfast :)

4. In the early afternoon Ian and I headed over to Chipotle Cultivate festival where Kelsey eventually joined us.

The festival is oriented around learning about sustainable agriculture and farming practices. After entering the festival, everyone is handed a little booklet that along with festival information also has a page with space for 5 stamps. You can walk around the park and go to different activities, learn about the practice, and receive a stamp. After 4 stamps, you can go to the information booth and receive a free burrito, burrito bowl, or salad. How cool is that?

The festival also has tons of free drink samples and off-menu Chipotle food to purchase. I even got a free avocado cutter, it’s always a fun time!

5. With the start of college football season, my Saturday wardrobe has become somewhat limited. I must support the Maize & Blue!

6. Speaking of football, on Saturday, Michigan KILLED Massachusetts 63-13. It felt so good to watch even though I might have napped during the end of the third and start of the fourth quarter. Whoops :) .

7. Ian and I have been holding on to a coupon for Tutto Italiano , an Italian restaurant near our apartment, for a looong time so Saturday night we finally decided to redeem it.

We started with some grilled calamari that was really good but presented unlike any other calamari I’ve eaten.

I really wanted to order their risotto (it’s so good!) but found out that it has cream in it so instead I ordered the blackened salmon and asparagus salad.

It was pretty good!

Ian ordered the shrimp diavolo and really liked it. The sauce was nice and spicy!

8. On Sunday morning I had one of my best [medium] long runs since I’ve started training for the Goofy Challenge . I felt good, I enjoyed myself, and the weather was perfect!

9. Sonic brought his urban hunting skills to an entirely new level this weekend. Usually, he “hunts” kitchen sink drains and bathroom plugs and then will bring them to Ian or myself in bed. Well on Sunday morning, Sonic brought Ian a pair of shoes. Not one shoe or two different shoes but an actual pair AND he managed to carry a heavy shoe from the ground to the bed. It was pretty impressive. This morning he brought me my iPod shuffle. Crazy cat!

10. Yesterday’s breakfast was an awesome pumpkin smoothie. I blended almost one cup of pumpkin with 1.25 cup almond milk, 1 scoop Life’s Basic Plant Protein powder, 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

11. After running a few errands yesterday, Ian and I went over to Mario’s Italian Lemonade Stand . The stand is in Little Italy and offers a wide range of Italian lemonades (like Italian ice) for incredibly cheap. They’re always made with fresh fruit and are the perfect treat on a hot day. Unfortunately, Ian and I completely forgot about them and ran over yesterday for their last day of the season. Boo! I want more!

From left to right: cantaloupe, cherry, and peach. The cantaloupe was my favorite and the peach was Ian’s. I wouldn’t recommend the cherry.

12. After Mario’s, Ian and I went to the Maxwell Street Market so Ian could pick up some thing for his friend. I usually don’t buy anything there but we walked past a stand that was selling nail polish for $1. I ended up buying 2, one bright pink for my toes and one more subtle pink for my nails. At $2 I couldn’t resist.

13. The rest of Sunday afternoon was spent plopped in front of the tv on the couch. What can I say, I was beat! I even took a short nap, I love weekends!

14. For dinner I made OhSheGlows Lightened Up Protein Power Goddess Bowl . I used 1/2 lentils and 1/2 brown rice and the recipe made a ton of food. Easy lunches FTW!

15. After a short walk to stretch our legs, Ian and I settled in on the couch to watch Sleepless in Seattle (I’ve never seen it!). Of course we only made it about halfway through before deciding that it was bedtime but I really liked it and can’t wait to finish the movie tonight :) .

16. I have more time on Monday mornings so I usually try to make a good breakfast. Today I had oatmeal with raspberries, almonds, and almond butter. Yum!

17. I’m off to make more coffee and then start my Monday, what did you do this weekend?

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