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Monday Moves

Posted Mar 11 2013 10:42am

So. I’m in a bit of a weird place right now with working out and have adopted some pretty stellar [nope] eating habits.

I’ve fallen into this really nasty habit of eating spot on during the week and then just completely giving up on the weekend and taking on a free-for-all, stuff-my-face-with-everything mindset on the weekends. It’s been great for my waistline and my working out. I’ve also added in a healthy dose of “I should be out all weekend long” and “I require zero sleep,” which doesn’t bode well for the person who a. is trying to save money and b. actually requires a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night, if not more. So the whole getting 4 hours of sleep both Friday and Saturday is going really well.


Friday, after going through a huge mental battle of if I should workout or not, I finally convinced myself to pop in a Jillian DVD and follow it up with a 5k. I was on the fence about the 5k the entire time, but threw myself up on the treadmill and put on Tosh.0 anyway.



Oh Tosh, I just hate to love you and love to hate you.

Mistake #1: Sometimes I should listen to myself when I’m not sure about running.

Mistake #2: Watching Tosh.0. About 0.25 miles into my run they showed a clip where they were going to pull a tooth out with a wrench. Um, no. No no no. I was trying to look anywhere but at the TV, which is a hard feat since it’s literally right in front of the treadmill, less than 5 feet from my face. I think I’ve made it clear that calling me clumsy is an understatement, and when I’m running on the treadmill I really need to be looking up to maintain an upright position. Do you see where this is going? As I attempted to keep my body moving without being scarred for life while they wrenched a tooth out with a … wrench [ok, that was a terrible pun, I’m sorry] I managed to step down the wrong way, missing the treadmill belt and stepping on the side instead, thus propelling my body off of the treadmill and throwing my leg into an extremely awkward angle.

I spent the rest of the evening and all day Saturday limping around like an idiot. Then, because I am on the fast track to making good decisions, I spent most of Saturday night two-stepping and dancing the night away with that handsome boy of mine.


This picture is not from this weekend. This picture is from last weekend. But we were with all the same people and we were both wearing those boots and we most definitely were still busting out some Gangham Style moves, so it’s essentially the same thing.

So Sunday my leg remained sore. I basically did nothing in the working out department all weekend, save a leisurely 20 minute walk on Saturday. The good news is that I woke up this morning with a finally unsore leg and busted out a quick, pain-free run before work. I occasionally do listen to my body and make good decisions.



The day this came out was a very bad and a very good day for me.

I assuaged my hurt leg by eating half of a pizza [at least it was homemade!] and a pint of mint cookies and cream ice cream on Sunday. After eating my face off all day already. And napping all day. Seriously, the most movement I did was walking from my bed to the couch. So really, this has been a great way to tell you that I spent all weekend making tons of really good decisions.

Oh, was the title of this post Monday Moves? Let’s get to that.

It’s clear I need some accountability in my life. I will never blog all of my meals [and since I’ve made such a grandiose statement, I’m sure that in 6 months I’ll think that blogging all of my meals is an excellent idea], but I am going to really focus on intuitive eating from here on out [this girl doesn’t do diets. those things lead me to eat pints of ice cream in one sitting.] and I’m going to start blogging my workout schedules on Mondays and checking in on Sundays [that may or may not be true, because that would require me to blog on Sundays…]

I also have made a deal with myself to run 15 minutes before work each weekday. Since I have to be at work at 7AM these days, getting in a full workout before work has became a non-option. However, I can fit in 15 minutes of exercise before work. So running before work it is. It’s been a nice experiment thus far, I like it. I also 100% stole the idea from Tara . Anyway, this week’s workouts will [hopefully] look like this:

Monday: Run 15 minutes [AM], intervals/HIIT on the treadmill [PM]

Tuesday: Run 15 minutes [AM], BodyPump [PM]

Wednesday: Run 15 minutes [AM], 5-6 mile run [PM]

Thursday: Run 15 minutes [AM], some sort of workout DVD for some strength [PM]

Friday: Run 15 minutes [AM], Friday 5k [PM]

Saturday: Run at least 6 miles + Zumba class [this falls into my ‘do something out of your comfort zone once a month’ thing. I am terrified. While I love to dance, I have zero rhythm.] Maybe a workout DVD at some point depending on how intense Zumba is.

Sunday: Rest. Maybe some yoga or a walk. But nothing big.

It’s kind of weird, not training for anything right now. I’m not sure what to do with myself. I want to keep up some sort of distance [in the 10 miles range], so I’m sure you’re wondering how I’m going to do that when there’s no long run on that schedule. Me too. I also want to amp up the strength training department, so I’m trying to ease back into that. I’m aiming for doing strength 3 times per week and running [longer runs, not just the 15 minute ones] 3-4 times per week. So we’ll see how that goes.

Happy Monday! I hope time change hasn’t screwed everyone as much as it has me.

Has anyone followed intuitive eating before? Any success? I really need to be more mindful of what I’m eating, but depriving myself of the things that I love only sets me up for failure. Obviously. So I’m trying a different approach…

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