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Monday Monday Monday

Posted Jan 17 2011 4:07pm
Is it already Monday? Time flies when you are having fun! This morning hubs and I were up before 6am and ready to run.

We hung out for a bit because the gym didn't open until 8am so there was no way we were going to run for 2 hours. We drove to the gym, did some stretching and were off! We covered 5.2 miles at a 9:18 pace (last 2 miles were under 9) and then I did an extra 1.8 just to make it an even 7 because I'm cool like that. It was rainy and windy (just like yesterday... except the wind today was worse). It was a nice and relaxing pace for both of us. We chatted, joked, and broke out into song a few times. Okay, that was me breaking out into song. I have this thing where I sing gangsta hip hop music randomly when I'm bored.

I think I might have him convinced to work up to a half marathon. Maybe. I'm still working on it. Regardless, we are both running our first race of 2011 together this Saturday. It's called the No Sun Fun Run and it's maybe 30minutes from where we live. It'll be a no pressure race where we will just enjoy it and have fun. Because that's what it's all about.

I followed my easy 7 miles with about 30-40minutes of weights. Gotta get my muscles back :)

Then we went grocery shopping and spent $130. How does that happen? Then we come home and put the food away and I'm always shocked at how much food costs because it really doesn't look like $130 worth.

We made some lunch.

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