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Mommy needs to run

Posted Oct 05 2012 8:13am
Ever have one of those days where everything is going wrong and it just doesn't seem to change? Well that was yesterday! It all started with an early (5am) wake up for O which only spiraled into massive toddler meltdowns and drama. Long before lunch there was a huge pile of toys on "time out". Things are always tougher my first day home after a few work days, she is seeking attention and not always sure of how to do that, I mean today I had a shoe thrown at me in the car! The day was complete with kicking, spitting, lack of listening and slamming doors (yes she has already learned this). I was that mom at the store who's kid was making a scene, she even decided to sit down in a pile of flour spilled on the floor and nearly opened a yogurt container! On top of all this and a few meltdowns on my part my GPS took us to the wrong place when I gave in a took her to an art play date, yes we eventually made it for our short good behavior period of the day

I know someday I will appreciate that I have a strong willed, independent daughter but it does not make for easy toddler days! So parents out there What works? Any suggestions to deal with this behavior? We have tried it all: time outs, taking away toys and fun events, ignoring bad and praising good, but there are days when nothing works!


By the time nap came around I was more then ready and needed a run to clear my head and de-stress. I was more than happy when Matt was home early and was able to get out for nice solo run. I needed this and felt much better afterwards despite the gusting winds that I seemed to run into no matter which direction I headed! 6 miles later my day was much better, thank you running. It is amazing what a good run outside in the fresh air can do for you not only physically but mentally as well.

Happy Friday, any fun plans? Me, nothing major just a little 26.2 mile run on Sunday (2 days until #20)! Check out Fitness Friday and see what others are up to.

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