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Posted Nov 07 2012 9:09am

The clocks have been changed, the sun sets at 4:30 pm, and Monday I saw my first snowflakes of the season.  I don’t care if the calendar says the solstice isn’t for another month and a half…let’s face it: winter has arrived in Vermont.  And one thing I’m absolutely certain of is that I hate the cold. I highly dislike using the term “hate”, but I really, truly, hate the cold weather. 

Yes, sometimes I’m convinced that I was supposed to be a bear.  Mean old grizzly bear or cute fluffy honey bear, take your pick.   My sole purpose in life would be to frolic with the bumble bees while enjoying the summer months then beef up all fall on Ben & Jerry’s...errr…I mean nuts and berries, grow a thick layer of fat, and hibernate all winter.  I’d snore the days away until the warm spring sun starts to peek through the dreary, gross, snowy clouds.   Oh yes, I’d hibernate right through the winter months, perhaps only coming out of my deep sleep for such fabulous feasts and festivities like Thanksgiving and Christmas (word on the street is that bears LOVE cranberry sauce…).

Regrettably, we humans have pesky things like “responsibilities” and “jobs” and such, so true hibernation isn’t necessarily an option.   But if you think about it…many of us come pretty darn close, regardless.  We could blame it on the climate, the fact that we are mammals with undeniable animal predispositions, or simply the stress and chaos of the holidays.  Whatever way you want to spin it, the truth is, many of us increase the caloric intake and decrease the caloric expenditure during the winter months.  In other words: we tend to get fat and lazy.
Even the craziest exercise nuts lack the motivation from time to time, and I'm no exception. I've discovered recently the huge correlation in my world between motivation and momentum. If I take a break in my workout routine...say more than 2-3 days off in a row, my motivation takes a massive nose dive.   So despite the huge increase in work hours and wanting nothing more than to curl up under my snuggie with some comfort food after I get home from work every night, I force myself to go to the gym. Keep the momentum going.  I never regret it. 
And what better way to combat the "lazies" than to have clear, specific goals to work towards:
1. Master the clean & jerk, thus making me worthy of the t-shirt I bought Geoff back in July at the CrossFit Games . Not that a clean & jerk makes me the incredible hulk, but it sure will feel good to get that one down (without smacking myself in the chin.)

3) WOD's!  I love new WOD's, especially those that you can do almost anywhere.  They challenge my limits, push me out of my comfort zone, and help me focus on training for next season.   Here's an easy one WOD you can do at home, courtesy of Spartan Race's daily WOD email:

  What do you plan to do this Fall/Winter to combat the winter lazies?  Let's hear it!
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