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Moab 2010

Posted Apr 22 2010 5:02pm

Just got home from Moab, Utah.  It is an annual thing with an internet group.  These guys are some of the very best people I know or have met!

We had a lot of fun.


I drove “The Mighty YJ” to Moab with my friend, Tom.  The first day was Friday, April 16.  It was devoted to the 6 1/2 hour drive, getting some food, checking in to the cabin (Morris Last Resort – Try ‘em!) and then meeting the rest of the group for dinner!  Everyone knew Molly (the Aussie) and knew that she died soon after last Year’s Get Together.  Everyone met Sami, the new trail dog!


We had a great meal at Fiesta Mexicana on Main street.  We agreed to meet at 8:30 AM Saturday morning to run the “Cliffhanger” trail.


Tom and I are training for the Seattle Marathon on June 26th.  Marathon training requires some running.  So, Tom, Sami, and I headed out for a 4+ something run from the cabin and then back.

Showers, then off to the “City Market” in town for the meet up.

Most of us were there on time.  Some of the Colorado Contingent were running late and wanted to meet us at the trail head. 

Cliffhanger is a great, but technical trail.  Take the Kane Creek Road (by the McDonald’s) out to the trail head (Cliffhanger is associated with the Amasa Back trail system).

Cliffhanger is tough!  It starts out with some technical steps, then simmers out some, but there are a lot of technical areas out there that take time and make this a challenging trail.

Somehow, I became the “Spotter” for this run.  A Spotter is the individual that guides a driver over an obstacle.  I don’t feel really comfortable doing it, but I am told that I am good at it, so I did it.

TMYJ Cliffhanger

This is the Mighty YJ on the steps at the entry to Cliffhanger.

Here are a few members of the group!

Andy CHH C CFR A CFTerry Cliffhanger

Cliffhanger is a 9 1/2 mile out and back trail.  Along the way are some great scenic views. There are areas where the trail is just a bit wider than the jeeps are. 

CH ott 1CH ott 2

2/3 of the way in, you find this obstacle.  Easy to negotiate, but the driver can’t see a thing except blue sky out of the windshield.  When she or he can, the news ain’t good.  Keep your rig all the way over to the passenger side, take it slow, and you’ll be OK.

Just between you and me, I ran ahead of the group to photograph this for the group (but mostly for me).  I actually slipped on one of the rocks to the driver side, then fell off it to the cliff side.  I did stop my slide, but there were Mountain Bikers that were ready to step in and catch me before I went over.

TMYJ CliffGroup Cliff

At the furthest point out, we took a break for lunch.  You find yourself out on the edge of a cliff that makes for great conversation and lots of getting nervous at people going near the edge!

End View

This one of my favorite running trails.  I had the togs on and after lunch as everyone else was packing up for the return trip, I took off for a run down the trail. I had a bottle of water and the iPod Touch and had a great time!

This trail is popular with everyone and all of us tend to keep an eye on each other.  I was well on my way when two of the mountain biking people stopped me concerned.  “Where’d you start from?” “Did you stash water somewhere?”  “Will you be OK?”

I explained that I was actually with a Jeep group and they were close behind me.  They accepted that and I moved on after thanking them.  I thought that there concern was nice.

By the way, I passed another contingent of jeeps, a contingent of PowerWagons, and another group of two Jeeps.

At the bottom, again at the steps at the entrance, I waited a few minutes then headed back up to meet the group again 1 mile back up.  Phew!  Tiring but fun!  It is good to be able to do that kind of running!

Stay tuned for more!   

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