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MMM dresses down capital administration

Posted Dec 07 2012 8:02am

“Sports and cultural activities are practically dead in the capital. The Ptr/PMSD alliance is a total fiasco. They have done nothing at all since they have gained control of the municipalities in 2005 and Port Louis is in an even worse condition,” said MMM member Reza Uteem.

Sweetheart Neckline Black Night Moves 6410 Prom Dress Jean-Claude Barbier commented on the 2000 remake alliance campaigns and said that he was satisfied with the response the party is getting.

“The victory will be ours in the capital. The government used political power for gheir own benefits and not for the citizens’.

“We also promise to revive the cultural activities in the case of our victory.”

He added that the Port Louis theatre, which is one of the oldest buildings built in 1822, is in a deplorable situation and is falling to ruins.

Renovation work amounting to approximately Rs 350 million is needed for the building.

MMM president, Arianne Night Moves 6410 Navarre-Marie condemned the irresponsibility of the government for failing to introduce activities for children and women.

MMM Treasurer, Veda Baloomoody raised the issue of insecurity in the capital.

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